Monday, March 24, 2014

Strawberry-Yogurt Deep Cleansing Face Mask for All Skin Types- DIY

This Strawberry-Yogurt Deep cleansing mask suits all skin types and as the name suggests, its a deep cleansing mask,which cleanses the skin from with in, giving a visible radiant skin in just 15 mins. Besides deep cleansing it also brightens the skin and gives an instant glow to the face.

Cleansing, the first part of CTM (cleansing,toning and moisturizing) routine is a most essential and important part, as without proper cleansing,there is no use of toning and moisturizing. So,it is always advisable to spend more time for cleansing face and  it is important to select the right cleansing cream/lotion basing on the skin type. There is no need to spend lot of bucks on cleansing creams available in market,we can make many types of cleansing creams at home easily with natural ingredients like milk,lemon juice,rose water etc.,

Today, I am sharing Strawberry-Yogurt Deep Cleansing Face Mask ,which can be prepared super easily with just two ingredients Strawberry and Yogurt.

Strawberry-Yogurt Deep Cleansing Face Mask
To prepare this we need : Strawberries : 2
                                       Yogurt : 1 tbsp (plain one not flavored)
                                        Honey : 1/2 tsp (optional)

Method of Preparing Strawberry-Yogurt Deep Cleansing Face Mask :

1.Grind Strawberries into smooth paste.

Strawberry-Yogurt Deep Cleansing Face Mask

2. Add 1 tbsp of Yogurt/curd ,mix well.

Strawberry-Yogurt Deep Cleansing Face Mask 
3.Our Deep cleansing and brightening Strawberry-Yogurt Face Mask is ready to use.

Strawberry-Yogurt Deep Cleansing Face Mask 
4. Apply this pack to face, massage entire face with light circular movements. Allow it to stay on face for 10-15 mins.Wash first with luke warm water,then with cool/normal water(luke warm water helps in opening the pores, so that all the dirt and grime comes out, cool water helps in closing the pores). we can use this mask daily as a cleanser.

5. Those with dry skin can add honey also,which helps in moisturizing the face. See uses of Honey in this post.

Strawberry Benefits for the skin : The rich amount of Vitamin C,salicylic acid and antioxidants in strawberries helps in cleansing the skin thoroughly by deeply penetrating into the skin,the seeds acts as a natural scrub,helping in removal of dead cells. It also helps in brightening the skin by removing age spots and reducing pigmentation.

Yogurt Benefits for the skin : The Lactic acid and Zinc in Yogurt helps in removing dead cells,tightens pores and reduces fine lines.Vitamin B 12 and B 5 helps in rejuvenation of skin,giving it a bright glow and shine to the face and helps in removing acne scars and uneven skin tone.

Try this super easy to prepare Strawberry-Yogurt Deep Cleansing Face Mask and let me know how it worked for you.

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