Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5 Home remedies to get rid of Dark circles

In recent times Under Eye Dark Circles has become  one of the most common problems faced by many of us.They occur mainly due to stress,insufficient sleep,lack of proper diet,spending long hours in front of electronic Gadgets and due to hereditary. Along with dark circles, puffiness and crows feet make one look older than their age.These has to be controlled in the initial stages to prevent further damage to the skin.

5 Home made packs for removing Dark Circles

There are many home remedies for reducing them.I am sharing 5 Best remedies among them which works very well and reduces dark circles,puffiness,crow's feet and eye bags.

1) Cucumber Pack : Nothing works better than cucumber in reducing dark circles.The cooling effect of cucumber instantly relax the eyes and makes them look fresh. Apply cucumber juice alone or  in combination with few drops of milk to the entire eye area with gentle massage using the ring finger and once it gets absorbed, allow it to stay on the eyes for 15-20 mins and rinse it with cool/normal water.Following this daily for 1 month helps in lightening the dark circles and in reducing puffiness.

2)Potato Pack : Potato is well-known for its bleaching properties and this property helps in reducing the dark circles.Grind few pieces of Potato and extract the juice.With the help of cotton ball or with fingers apply it to the eye area gently.Leave it for 15 mins and rinse with normal water.

3)Tea Bags : Tea bags helps in reducing mainly puffiness to a great extent.Freeze the used tea bags in a freezer and place these on the tired eyes for 10-15 mins.These helps in relaxation of tired eyes as well as in reducing puffiness.

4)Almond oil : Applying this oil to the eye area religiously at night  for 1 month helps in rejuvenating the eyes and helps in deep moisturization,which prevents drying of eye area thus helping in preventing blackening and also helps in preventing the appearance of fine lines.

 5)Glycerin :  Applying Glycerin alone or in combination of tomato juice/orange juice/mint juice to the under eye area helps in keeping the fine lines at bay and also helps in preventing the sagging of under eye area.Apply this during night time before going to bed and wash off in the morning.

Along with following one of the above tips,make sure that you have plenty of sleep.Drink lots of water,which helps in hydrating the eye area and also take a proper balanced diet.

Those who cannot follow these can also go for a good under eye cream available in the market.

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