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How to Know your Skin Type

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       Every one of us wants a clear, flawless skin and in trying to achieve it,we use different  beauty products like cleansers,toners,scrubs,moisturizers,face packs etc.,It is very important to know about our skin type before choosing the right product for our face, as different products are designed for different skin types or else if we use products,which are meant for other skin types which are different from our skin type, those products may cause breakouts,acne,pimples and may effect our skin in bad way.Basically there are 5 skin types Oily,Dry,Combination,Sensitive and Normal.

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Characteristics of Different Types of Skin  :

Normal Skin: This type of skin is the best type of skin among all skin types and is neither oily or dry.In other words it is a perfectly balanced skin with right amount of moisture and oil.The skin is visibly soft and supple with minimally visible pores and has an even tone.

Oily Skin : People with this type of skin are more prone to acne,pimples,blemishes. This particular  skin type of skin has open pores and secrete more oily making the face appear shiny.The dirt gets accumulated on the skin due to the sticky nature of oil and this cause blockage of pores causing pimples,acne,black heads and blemishes.Proper care should be taken to maintain this type of skin.

Dry Skin :People with this skin type have a dry patches on the skin due to lack of enough moisture and oil on the face.These type of skin is more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles and is effected by external pollution ,UV rays easily.This type of skin need proper moisturization all the time.

Combination Skin : This skin type is very difficult to maintain as it contain both the characteristics of oily and dry skin. People with this type of skin has a oily T-zone (forehead,nose and chin) and dry cheeks.

Sensitive Skin : People with kind of skin tend to get irritations,allergies,redness easily and the skin has  more tendency to get skin burns in hot weather and this type of skin is extremely difficult to maintain.

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 Tissue Paper Test for Identifying the skin type :

Wash your face with a mild cleanser or soap,then rinse completely with normal water.Pat dry with a towel and wait for 1 hour.After 1 hour, take one single layer of tissue paper,gently place it on the face.It has to cover the entire face.Press lightly on the entire face and leave it like that for a minute.Then remove it carefully from the face and observe it under proper light.

1)If you notice little amount of oil all over the tissue,then your skin type is Normal and you are the lucky person to have such a skin.

2)If you notice oil through out the face,then your skin type is oily and you need to follow proper CTM (cleansing,toning and moisturization) routine to maintain the skin healthy with out blemishes and pimples.

3)If You do not notice oil at all,then you have dry skin,which needs more moisturization to prevent dry patches and flaky skin.

4)If you notice oil in the T-zone (in the areas of forehead,nose and chin),your skin type is combination skin and you need to use different products for different areas on the face.

5)If your skin feels slightly itchy, irritated and becomes red,you have sensitive skin.You need to be very careful in choosing the right products,as your skin reacts immediately if the products do not suit your skin.Need to select hypo allergic skin products.

Need to repeat this testing in different seasons as the skin changes according to the weather. 

Will post the skin care regimes soon for every skin type in detail.So,stay tuned. Meanwhile have a look at Homemade tomato face packs for all skin types here.

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