Friday, May 9, 2014

Soulflower Sexy Strawberry Soap Review

These days I am getting attracted towards hand made soaps which claim to be 100 % organic and preservative free. While I was searching for such soaps I came across this Soulflower Sexy Strawberry Soap, which looks tempting with bright baby pink color and it is  made from natural herbs,essential oils and vegetable oils.It can be used for bathing as well as facial cleanser.

Soulflower Sexy Strawberry Soap Review
Price : INR 250
Quantity : 150 gm

Packaging : It comes in a transparent  cover with the label having the pictures of ingredients.

Soulflower Sexy Strawberry Soap Review

 Color and Texture : This is a bright baby pink colored soap,which lathers moderately with hard water.

Soulflower Sexy Strawberry Soap Review

What the product Claims : Would’nt you like to start your day with a bowl of fresh cream strawberries & oatmeal? One whiff of our fresh strawberry pink for skin will make you jump of bed & into the shower This breakfast for your skin does a miraculous job on pimples, oats scrub all the grime away gently removing excess sebum oils.Cream & cocoa give a thick, creamy lather to this soap. This soap will surely leave you with baby soft rosy skin.

Availability : Available in  Online  Soul flower Stores and other online stores.

 Ingredients :

Soulflower Sexy Strawberry Soap Review

Directions for Use : Soulflower soap comes in large bar sizes; you should cut how much you need and store the unused soap in a cool dry place. This way you can make your , soap last for a long time. Keep the soap in a soap dish, so that water drains away & the soap is dry when not in use. Does not contain artificial hardeners & preservatives. Store in a cool dry place for longer shelf life.

My Views On the Product : I am using this soap almost every day in place of shower gel.It lathers well with normal water but moderately with hard water. It cleanses the skin thoroughly and makes the skin smooth with out drying.As it is made of 100 % organic ingredients like fresh strawberries,pink clay, fresh cream,cocoa butter,vitamin E etc., I have used it few times to my face also, it cleansed my face thoroughly with out making it dry. This soap is very creamy and suits well for dry skin-combination skin.We need to be very careful in using these soaps as the entire soap gets melted in less than 10 days,if we don't keep them in dry place.It is best to cut the soap into two or four pieces based on requirement and wrap them in a cover/paper, store them in a jar.I have used charcoal soap and tea tree soap before from this brand which worked really good. One thing I did not like about this soap is its strong artificial strawberry fragrance,which I could not resist.


Soulflower Sexy Strawberry Soap Review

Pros Of Soulflower Sexy Strawberry Soap :

  1. Cleanses the skin thoroughly
  2. Mild and gentle on facial skin
  3. Easy availability
  4. Made of 100 % organic ingredients
  5. Did not break me out
  6. No preservatives
  7. It doesn't dry out the skin, like other well for dry-combination skin
Cons Of Soulflower Sexy Strawberry Soap :
  1.  Expensive as a bath soap
  2. Strong artificial fragrance
  3. May not work for extreme oily skin
  4. Finishes really fast
  5. Storing is a bit difficult.
Sriz Rating : 3.5/5 

Final Conclusion about Soulflower Sexy Strawberry Soap :It cleanses the skin very well,with out making it dry.It is 100 % vegan and free of preservatives.Good for combination to dry skin,may not suit for extreme oily skin.Those who want a mild cleanser which cleanses the skin properly with out drying can definitely try it.

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