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Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser for Oily skin Review

I have mentioned many times in my earlier posts about the importance of Cleansing,an essential part of skin care routine. It is a must to select the right Cleansing cream/gel basing on our skin type.Today I am reviewing Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser,which is a deep cleansing cream for oily and acne prone skinOily skin has a tendency to attract more dirt and grime and so it is important to select the cleansing cream which helps in removing the dirt from skin deep and  one such cream is this one.This helps in deep cleansing the skin from within and makes skin squeaky clean.I have combination skin which becomes oily during the summers and so I go for this cleansing cream during summers.I have been using this from long back and I am quite satisfied with the result every time.

Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser Review

Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser Review

Price : INR 135
Quantity : 50 gm

Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser Review

Packaging :  It comes in a sturdy white colored plastic tub packaging with red colored screw cap.

Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser Review
Color and Texture : This is a pale green colored glossy cream which is semi-thick.
Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser Review

What the product Claims : 
  • Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser A 100 % soap free cleanser. It contains light non-oily and anti bacterial active ingredients for rapid and effective cleaning of oily and blemished skin. Removes dirt and make-up, leaving skin fresh and tingling clean. It deep cleanses the pores, removes excess oil and sebum. Its anti bacterial agent helps skin to maintain normal condition and look fresh, clean and healthy. Excellent for oily skin and acne prone skin.
Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser Review

Availability : Available easily in all beauty shops and  online beauty Stores.

  Active Ingredients : 

Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser Review

Directions for use :

Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser Review

My View On the Product :
This is one of my favorite cleansing creams.I use this during summer season when my skin turns oily.I massage a small amount of this cream directly without using any water into my skin first and then I again massage the face with wet hands and rinse with normal water.It effectively removes the oil from my face leaving it squeaky clean without drying and gives a nice soothing effect.I like its minty fragrance,which is a kind of relaxing and refreshing.It is a must have for  people with oily skin and acne prone skin.It is reasonably priced for the quantity and its effectiveness in cleansing the skin.

Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser Review

Pros Of Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser  :

  1. Cleanses the skin thoroughly leaving it squeaky clean
  2. Affordable price
  3. Doesn't dry the skin
  4. No breakouts
  5. Refreshing minty fragrance
  6. Easy availability
  7. Little goes long way
Cons Of Aroma Magic Mint Cleanser :
  1. Tub packaging,unhygienic to use.
Sriz Rating : 5/5

Final Conclusion about Aroma Magic Mint CleanserI absolutely Love it and highly recommend for people having oily skin,acne prone skin as well as combination skin.

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