Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day Inspired Nail Art

Hi Everyone :)

    Before showing my nail art I want to wish All Dads A Very Happy Father'S Day.I love my Dad so much,he stood by me in ups and downs of my life,he is truly  my inspiration for every good thing  I do in my life.Today my post is dedicated to my Dad.......

Those who have seen my previous post about the contents of 'My Envy Box',you must have seen the light grey colored nail paint from Innisfree on my fingers,which I have received in the box. Though I am not much into nail paints these days, by trying the Innisfree nail paint,I got inspired to try a nail art on it.
Fathers Day Inspired Nail Art

I used to have lot of nail art pens and tools in the past before my wedding,when I am working I used to try different  nail arts everyday.I have left all my nail art stuff at my mom's place and need to get them when I go there.Mean while I have a pack of  Maybelline Nail art stickers,which I got as a free gift on purchasing beauty products at Nykaa beauty store.So,I thought of trying a nail art using these.Please excuse me for my short and messy nails,I have a habbit of biting my nails and its really tough to grow long nails.

For this I have used only 3 items 1)Innisfree Eco nail Pro in shade 17
                                                  2)Eyetex Dazzler transparent top coat in shade DC1
                                                  3)Maybelline Nail art stickers.
Fathers Day Inspired Nail Art

Step 1 : I have painted my nails first with innisfree Eco nail paint in shade 17
Fathers Day Inspired Nail Art

Step 2 : I have peeled the plane mustache nail art stickers in row 4  one by one from these and carefully placed on to my nails and pressed them gently so as to keep them intact.
Fathers Day Inspired Nail Art

Step 3 : I finished the look by applying  a top coat with Eyetex Dazzler transparent top coat in shade DC1.

Fathers Day Inspired Nail Art

Thats it .........My nails are ready to show off.

Fathers Day Inspired Nail Art
Note : I have done this in a hurry and please excuse me for this messy work without proper finish.

If you like or don't like also please comment below and let me know your opinion.

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Unknown said...

Very the design on the little finger ^_^