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Bio Bloom Under eye gel review (sample pack)

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         In continuation to my sample series,today I am reviewing Bio Bloom Under Eye Gel,which I got in April Fab Bag,This is one of the best product which I got in Fab Bag.This is my first product from Bio bloom.I am not using this regularly but when my eyes feel more tired and irritating,then I use this to cool and refresh them.
Bio Bloom Under eye gel review (sample pack)
Price : INR 259
Quantity : 15 gm
Bio Bloom Under eye gel review (sample pack)

 Packaging : It comes in a transparent tub packaging with double caps for extra protection.

 Color and Texture : This is a pale yellow colored gel,which gets absorbed into the skin with slight massaging.
Bio Bloom Under eye gel review (sample pack)

What the product Claims : 
Aloe Vera gel includes vitamin A, E & C, which nourish and heal the under eye skin. Cucumber Juice soothes and aids the delicate skin. Mint and Green tee extract diminish sagging skin & dark circles.

Bio Bloom Under eye gel review (sample pack)

Availability : Available in few online stores.You can buy it here.

 Key Ingredients : Aloe Vera Gel,Cucumber juice,Green Tea Extract,Mint Oil,Chamomile oil,purified oil,carbopol and phenoxyethanol.

Bio Bloom Under eye gel review (sample pack)

Directions for Use :  Apply to clean eye contours,leave for 5 mins and rinse.Repeat twice daily.
Bio Bloom Under eye gel review (sample pack)

My Views On the Product : This 
Bio Bloom Under eye gel is a aloe vera based gel which gives instant cooling and relaxation to dull and tired eyes.I have been using VLCC Almond under eye cream from past several months regularly.I am using this one only when my eyes are severely tired and irritated,it instantly soothes them well. This gel has a refreshing fragrance which relaxes the mind.I just apply this gel with my ring finger along the contours of both my eyes and leave for 5-10 mins and then rinse,sometimes when I feel lazy I just leave it overnight,it gets absorbed into the skin with slight massaging and so if you leave it overnight also it does not sting or irritate eyes.It is free from Parabens, formaldehyde, sulphates and petro chemicals and so it is safe to use.I am very satisfied with the product and looking forward to try other products too from the Bio Bloom.As I did not use regularly I am unsure about its action on preventing sagging and dark circles around the eyes,but I have observed that it has reduced the puffiness of my eyes.
Bio Bloom Under eye gel review (sample pack)

Pros Of Bio Bloom Under eye gel  :
  1. Instantly relieves dull and tired eyes
  2. Gives a nice cooling sensation to the eyes
  3. Contains the goodness of Aloe vera,cucumber juice,green tea,mint oil etc.,which are known for the cooling sensation.
  4. Affordable price
  5. Travel friendly packaging
  6. Free from parabens. formaldehyde,sulphates and petro chemicals
  7. Refreshing fragrance
  8. Helps in the reduction of puffiness too
  9. Gets absorbed with light massaging
Cons Of Bio Bloom Under eye gel :
  1. Tub packaging, unhygienic to use
  2. Limited availability
Sriz Rating : 4/5 

Final Conclusion about Bio Bloom Under eye gel  : It is a good under eye gel for tired and irritated eyes.It instantly soothes and gives a cooling sensation to eyes.Those who gets irritations to eyes often or those who have sensitive eyes can definitely give it a try.The best thing is it is free form parabens, formaldehyde, sulphates and petrochemicals which are hazardous to us.

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