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Glam - Up Powder Cream Review

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      Today I am reviewing Glam -Up Powder Cream,which has been released into the market few months back with lot of advertising on television.This is basically a cream which turns into powder form after application.

Glam - Up Powder Cream Review
Glam - Up Powder Cream Review

Price : INR 150
Quantity : 25 gm

 Packaging : It comes in a tube packaging with a screw cap. The narrow nozzle help in ejecting the required amount of product without wastage.
Glam - Up Powder Cream Review

 Color and Texture : This is a white colored soft cream which dries out into powder on application.
Glam-up Swatch
Glam-up swatch 
What the product Claims :Glam up glides on your face like your most beloved cream, yet, provides the finish of an elegant face powder. Its both, a cream and a powder, yet neither, because of its own unique formula in a powder cream. Glam ups light weight formula gives you a balance and even skin tone, smooth texture with moisture, protection from sun damage and the result, you look fresh and radiant. Features - gives a whitening effect to skin, does not dry out skin, sturdy and cute packaging, suitable for all skin types.
Glam - Up Powder Cream Review

Availability : Available in local super markets and in few online stores

  Ingredients : 

Glam - Up Powder Cream Review

Directions for Use :  Apply to cleansed skin as and when required.
Glam - Up Powder Cream Review
My Views On the Product : This Glam -up is with a really new concept of cream that turns into powder upon application.It is more or less works like an highlighter + Foundation which gives light to medium coverage and adds shine to the face.Those who have minor blemishes on the skin and needs a light coverage with an instant glow on the face can try this one.I did not find  much difference when used it alone ,the white cast it forms after drying is a bit uncomfortable and  so I tried using it in combination with tinted moisturizer ,Maybelline BB cream and Lakme CC cream and I found it very effective in this way and more comfortable.Whenever there is a sudden party or function and do not have much time for doing make up,then go for this glam-up in combination with a tinted moisturizer or BB or CC cream, it gives a nice glowy  finish with subtle glow to the skin similar to the finish which we get when using a foundation and a highlighter.It suits oily -combination well than dry skin as it is turns dry on application.The tint of this glam-up suits wheatish -fair skin tones and may not suit dusky skin tones.Those who do not  prefer heavier makeup can surely go for it.

Glam - Up Powder Cream
Bare skin

After applying glam-up with tinted moisturizer(lotus sunscreen SPF 40)

Pros Of Glam - Up Powder Cream:

  1. Light weight formula 
  2. Spreads and absorbs easily into the skin
  3. Gives light-medium coverage
  4. Affordable price
  5. Travel friendly packaging
  6. Easy Availability
  7. Can be used as an highlighter if used alone
  8. Gives better results when combined with a tinted moisturizer or BB or CC cream
  9. Gives a glowy finish 
Cons Of Glam - Up Powder Cream :
  1. Contains Parabens and silicons
  2. Available in a single shade
  3. No SPF
  4. Forms white patches on skin after application.
Sriz Rating : 3/5 

Final Conclusion about Glam - Up Powder Cream: Those who prefer light makeup and those who wants subtle glow on the face can try it.It can be used as a substitute for a highlighter at an affordable price.

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