Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Current Skin Care Routine

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      Today I am sharing my current skin care routine.I do follow a skin care regimen which changes according to the climate.As it is a monsoon season now,my skin being a combination one, tends to be on a drier side this season and so I am using the products which gives enough moisturization to my skin.I have reviewed most of these products before.What ever may be the season,Sunscreen is a must for me!!!
My Current Skin Care Routine 
My skin care regimen involves a CTM (Cleansing,Toning,Moisturization) routine 2 times a day and I use Face masks twice a week and scrub once in every 15 days.

Currently my routine involves mostly Dr.Batra's products which I am loving so much.

 Day Time Skin Care Routine :

My morning routine involves a CTM,sunscreen and a Lip balm with SPF.

1) For Cleansing I am using  Dr.Batra's Tea Tree Face Wash.
2) For Toning using Dr.Batra's Skin Toner.
3) For Moisturizing I am using Lakme Perfect Radiance serum and Vichy Bi-White Med whitening re- plumping Gel cream.
4) Finally I finish with a  lotus Sunscreen  with SPF 40 ,occasionally Avene Sunscreen with SPF 50 when I have to spend more hours in hot sun and use Chap Stick for lips with SPF 50 +.
5) I do not use any eye cream in the mornings but occasionally I use eye gel like Bio Bloom Under Eye gel and recently I have received White rose Under Eye gel in July Beauty wish box,which I am liking lately.
My Current Skin Care Routine 
My Current Skin Care Routine 
Night Time Skin Care Routine : 

I follow a complete Night Care routine religiously as this is the time,when skin gets enough time to get nourished.

1) For Cleansing I am using  Dr.Batra's Cleansing Milk  to remove my Makeup, followed by Dr.Batra's Tea tree Face wash.

2)Toning same as morning,for moisturization I use same Lakme Perfect radiance serum but instead of Vichy day cream I use Vichy Normaderm Night Cream.

3)Under eye cream is a must in my Night time routine ,currently I am using Wunder Eye cream.

4)For lips I am using Avon Lip Balm,will review it some time in this week.

5)If I feel my skin needs extra moisturization then I use Dr.Batra's Intense moisturizing cream.

My Current Skin Care Routine 

I am using a foot cream regularly these days to maintain my feet with out cracks and currently I am Using Dr.Batra's Foot care Cream,which I will review in a day or two.

My Current Skin Care Routine 
 Once in a week I use a Face scrub to scrub my dead cells off the skin I am using Just Herb Apricot Sparkle Skin Radiance Scrub.Twice a week I use face packs/masks and currently I am using Just Herbs Sanface Sandal Glow Pack, Nature's Co Corn Exfoliating Face pack and Avene Cleanance Mask(not there in the picture)
My Current Skin Care Routine 
This is my Current Skin care routine for both Day and Night.

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