Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fab Bag August 2014 review

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Every time I receive Fab Bag very late some times but this time I got it very early but unfortunately I am not available to take it.Finally after returning I took it yesterday.This month the theme is 'All Natural,All Fab' in which we get the Organic product samples made from natural ingredients.This is the one theme which I liked most.
Fab Bag  August 2014 review
Fab Bag  August 2014 review

This time the Mustard colored Faux Leather bag itself is  more fab than the contents. 
Fab Bag  August 2014 review

Here are the contents of my July Fab Bag :

Fab Bag  August 2014 review

1) Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Revive & Thrive Shower Gel + Fabulous Fix Body Lotion: Full Size : INR 105/-(60 ml) + 115/- (60 ml)

Fab Bag  August 2014 review

2)Nyassa Moroccan Rose Hand Cream : INR 300/- for 145 ml

Fab Bag  August 2014 review

3) Palladio Herbal Mascara:  Full Size : INR 550

Fab Bag  August 2014 review

4)Bonus - NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil : Full Size : INR 295

Fab Bag  August 2014 review

Final Thoughts About Fab Bag All Natural All Fab 2014 : After a very long time I liked every product from the bag.I am quite excited to try all these products.Will  review these products once I try them .

Fab Bag  August 2014 review

Sriz Rating : 4.5/5

Saturday, August 30, 2014

SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap Review

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       Today I am reviewing one more product from SaND For Soapaholics, which is  Jade Bath Soap which comes with a tag line saying 'Bring out your inner mermaid',  containing the goodness of Aloevera,Seaweed,Jojoba Oil and Avocado oil.

To know more about the Brand,you can check my previous review on their 'Oh Curcumal' Cleanser

SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap Review

SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap Review

Price :  INR 360
Quantity : 75 gm

SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap Review

Color and Texture : This is a dark green colored buttery soft soap with some strands may be of sea weed extract

SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap Review

SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap Review

What the Product Claims : This is quite a gem of soap. Aloe Vera, known as the ‘plant of immortality’ by ancient Egyptians is widely used for its revitalizing and moisturizing properties.We also used another gift of Mother Nature -Seaweed, which is known for its healing properties. What’s more, we included Jojoba Oil andAvocado Oil to increase the moisturizing factor! We leave it to you to make the choice.

SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap Review

Ingredients :

Every 10gm contains Kumari (Aloe vera) (13.00%), Vegetable Glycerine (9.00%), Seaweed Infusion (7.00%), Oil blend of Jojoba & Avocado (5.00%), Ess.Oil blend of Pudina (Mentha piperata) & Shunti (Zingiber officinale) (0.80%), Color (0.20%)

SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap Review

Availability : Available  from their outlet at Garuda Mall,Bangalore and from their  online store

My View On the Product :

 I am so tempted to try these Yummy soaps from SaND For Soapaholics when I first saw them on their Facebook Page  and now I got a chance to try these delicious soaps.When coming to this particular Jade Soap it is a buttery soft soap which lathers moderately but cleanses the skin thoroughly without drying out.I have used for a couple times to my face as well.It is good for face too.As it contains the goodness of Jojoba and avocado oil,it has good moisturizing property also.It has a very mild scent,which is not at all overpowering.The best part of this soap is it does not melt like most other buttery soaps which melts away at room temperature.So,easily one piece of the soap as seen in the pictures lasts for more than 25 days.The strands in the soap are not rough or harsh on the skin but they act as a scrub for some extent.As it contains the goodness of Sea weed and aloe vera extract it helps in keeping the skin infections and rashes at bay. A must have soap for winters and monsoons.It is definitely a Gem of soaps as claimed.

SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap Review

SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap Review
Pros Of SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap :

  1.  100 % Organic soap made from natural ingredients
  2. Free from Chemicals,artificial foaming agents and parabens
  3. Cleanses the skin thoroughly
  4. Does not dry out the skin post usage
  5. Contains the goodness of Aloe vera,Sea weed extract,jojoba oil and avocado oil
  6. Mild fragrance which does not bother at all
  7. Lathers moderately
  8. Does not melt easily and so goes long way
  9. Moisturizes the skin well
  10. Gentle and hypo allergic

Cons Of SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap :
  1. May be a bit pricey for some
  2. Limited availability

Final Thoughts on the SaND For Soapaholics - Jade Soap : Those who are looking for an 100% organic soap which cleanses the skin thoroughly with out drying and those with sensitive skin who needs a soap which helps in keeping infections at bay can surely give this Jade soap a try! And for those who lives in dry weather or  for those who have dry skin, will absolutely love this soap!!!

Sriz Rating : 4.8/5

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box Review

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   Like every month, this month also I am super excited to show the contents of my The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box which I received two days back.This August month being a Festive month,The Nature's Co have come up Festive prep-up Theme,in which we get 6 deluxe sized samples which help us in getting an outstanding glow in this festive season.This time the products came in a gold colored pouch which matches to the theme.

The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box

Here are the contents of my August bag :

The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box

This time I received 6 Samples along with a freebie,35% discount voucher and 10 mins Spa Voucher

The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box

The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box

1) Corn Exfoliating Face pack - Which is one of my most favorite face packs,reviewed here.
2)White lily Body Scrub
3)Sandal wood-Turmeric Anti-Blemish Cream
4)Marigold Hair cleanser
5)Jasmine Body lotion
6)French Muguet-Jasmine Body mist (2)
7)Cinnamon Incense Sticks : freebie

The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box

The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box

The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box

The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box
Final Thoughts about The Nature's Co August Festive Prep-Up Beauty Wish Box : I came home 2 days back after a long trip to different places and my skin was tanned badly and it needs proper maintenance asap. I am super happy after seeing the products as they  came in right time when my skin needs that extra care.I have mentioned many times in my posts that Corn Exfoliating face pack is my HG face pack and I am double happy for receiving it again.The cinnamon Incense sticks are super useful for this festive season and I used these today ,they changed my home into a divine place with their amazing fragrance.Overall a great box once again.

Looking forward for more and more surprises in the September Anniversary Special Edition which comes with a twist.You too can book one for yourself here.

Sriz Rating : 4.7/5

Online Shopping Experience and Review of!!!

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    I absolutely love Online Shopping as it is super easy and convenient, we can order what ever we want just by sitting at home,the products get delivered at the doorstep. I do online  shopping very often and one of my favorite Shopping site is

Review and Online Shopping Experience  with

What Says :  is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality branded products. caters to the fashion needs of men, women and kids across footwear, apparel, jewellery and accessories.
At we strive to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. Our cutting edge E-commerce platform, highly experienced buying team, agile warehouse systems and state of the art customer care center provides customer with:
  • Broader selection of products
  • Superior buying experience
  • On-time delivery of products
  • Quick resolution of any concerns

Review and Online Shopping Experience  with

Brands at :

Review and Online Shopping Experience  with

Categories at :

Review and Online Shopping Experience  with

Key Features about :

1) Products get delivered on time as mentioned (with in 24 hrs after payment for metros and major cities) and if there is any delay due to bad weather or flight delay they will inform you through Email and SMS.

2)  User friendly Navigation site and they offer wide range of products from Clothes, Accessories, Bags, watches,Beauty products,Jewelry,Sports Accessories,home furnishings etc., for Women,Men and Kids.

3) offers 30 days Return policy on Customer Dissatisfaction.

4) They offer Multiple payment methods like Net banking,Debit/credit card and Cash on delivery.All type of payment transactions are processed over a secure encrypted connections and there is no need to worry.

5) Prompt 24/7 customer service and one can keep track on the  current orders and previous orders in 'My Account section' upon registration.

6) Offers Free delivery on most of the products.

7) Lots and lots of offers and discounts on most of the products every time.

My Experience with :

I have ordered many times from and every time it was a great experience. The best thing is that they deliver within 24 hrs after the payment has been done. They wrap all the products individually in a bubble wrap for extra protection.I have recently order Iraya massage cream and Sea soul Dead sea Mask from them.I have ordered  on 25th of this month and they delivered the products on 26th morning itself. The packaging is very simple yet protective with a Fragile sticker and the good thing is that we can check the products before accepting the package,which most of the other online shopping sites do not offer.

You can shop on this site by clicking here.

Review and Online Shopping Experience  with

Review and Online Shopping Experience  with

Review and Online Shopping Experience  with

Review and Online Shopping Experience  with

Review and Online Shopping Experience  with

Overall Thoughts About : is a one stop shopping site for Women,Men as well as Kids offering a wide selection of products with many Brands. It has got everything from On-time delivery to quick resolution of concerns for giving a pleasant shopping experience for every customer who orders from the site. I highly recommend!!!.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

SaND For Soapaholics 'Oh Curcumal' Facial Cleanser Review

Hello Everyone :)

  I am back to home after a long trip, my skin became dull and life less due to the improper maintenance during travelling and it needs to be pampered immediately.I started my pampering with a Face Cleanser which is a hand  made cleanser with all natural ingredients.It is Oh Curcumal Face Cleanser from SaND For Soapaholics, a New Brand which is released recently into the market.

SaND For Soapaholics Oh Curcumal Facial Cleanser Review
About SaND For Soapaholics : 'SaND for Soapaholics' was born in August 2014. And now, all these years of painstaking research are available to you! Their range of products include natural artisan soaps, moisturizers, body creams, shampoos, conditioners etc. Inspired by traditional Indian home remedies for skin care, our creations contain ingredients like fresh ground nuts, fresh turmeric (ambe haldi), finger millet (ragi), gram flour (besan) and several other such skin-friendly ingredients available in most Indian kitchens and gardens. These ingredients are then blended with essential oils and exotic infusions such as goat milk, buttermilk, saffron infused water etc.

Everyone has heard the traditional maxim - “we are what we eat”. We at SaND take it a step further, as we also believe “we are what we use”. Your skin deserves only the best, and it is for this reason that we have used a combination of edible and medicinal plants that repair, nourish and maintain skin health, to make our safe, pure and highly effective products. Meticulous care and innovation distinguishes everything we do. Not only is our entire product range made from scratch, using quality ingredients, but we also do it all by hand, from mixing and blending, to curing and packaging. Once you buy a SaND product, we promise you you will get hooked!

For more information about the brand you can visit thier

Follow them on twitter here :

Price : INR 150

Quantity : 30 gm
SaND For Soapaholics Oh Curcumal Facial Cleanser Review
Packaging : It comes in a portable light weight plastic tub with a screw cap.


 Color and Texture : This is a yellow- colored hand made solid cleanser with some small granules which smells of pure turmeric and besan.

SaND For Soapaholics Oh Curcumal Facial Cleanser Review
What the Product Claims : A powerful combination of turmeric and besan that prevents breakouts.Cultivated from the fields of Southern India, our Wild Turmericblended into our earthy Gram Flour creates a cleanser for all complexions. To enhance the strength and scent of the cleanser we added our Grapefruit Essential Oil. This oil is delicately distilled over a wood fire from Grapefruit that is cultivated from our towering 40 feet trees. As if it wasn’t enough, we threw in the plant of immunity, Aloe Vera, for good measure! See that uneven tan fade away, as tranquility sinks in.

SaND For Soapaholics Oh Curcumal Facial Cleanser Review

Availability : Available in from their outlet at Garuda Mall,Bangalore and from their  online store

Ingredients : Every 10gm contains Vegetable Glycerine (30.28%), Chanaka (Cicer arietinum) (28.28%), Kaolin (21.21%), Haridra (Curcuma Longa) (7.07%), Kumari (Aloe vera) (7.07%), Madhu (Honey) (3.54%), Ess.Oil blend of Nimbuka (Citrus medica), Kajuput (Melaleuca leucadendron) & Draksha (Vitis vinifera) (1.70%), Oil of Haridra (Curcuma longa) (0.85%)

SaND For Soapaholics Oh Curcumal Facial Cleanser Review
My View On SaND For Soapaholics Oh Curcumal Facial Cleanser :

Those who love using organic products like me will absolutely adore this Oh Curcumal Cleanser,as it is made from 100 % organic ingredients like Turmeric,gram flour,aloe vera,grape fruit essential oil.For using this I take a little amount of this and mix it with rose water and apply on to my wet face and massage gently with finger tips and wash it off.I could see a great result in first use itself.It instantly brightens up the tired and dull face and also imparts a healthy glow to my face.This cleanser also contains some granular particles which helps in scrubbing the dead cells off from the skin.Those who likes Lush products will love using SaNDFor Shopaholics products.This Cleanser is meant for normal -oily skin and my skin being combination,it suited me well and it cleansed the face thoroughly.One of the great products from the brand and I will definitely recommend this to all.
SaND For Soapaholics Oh Curcumal Facial Cleanser Review

Pros Of Oh Curcumal Facial Cleanser  :

  1. Made from organic ingredients
  2. No harmful parabens or chemicals
  3. Easy to use
  4. Cleanses the skin effectively
  5. Instantly brightens up the face
  6. Gives a nice glow to the face
  7. Contains the goodness of Turmeric,besan,grapeseed oil, Aloevera
  8. No animal testing
  9. It may help in skin lightening too on continuous usage
  10. Affordable price
Cons Of Oh Curcumal Facial Cleanser:
  1.  Limited Availability
  2. Tub packaging,a bit un-hygienic to use
  3. Difficult to use during travelling
Sriz Rating : 4.7/5

Final Conclusion about Oh Curcumal Facial Cleanser : It is a great everyday cleanser which is made of 100% natural ingredients, cleanses the skin thoroughly giving a nice healthy glow to the face with out any side effects.Definitely worth trying!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Envy Box August 2014 Edition Review


  After returning home after tour,my first thing is to check 'My Envy Box' and as I promised I am updating the post with clear and detailed pictures.

 After a long time,this month's contents came again  in an orange colored cardboard box. Like every month the contents are double protected inside the beautiful black colored cotton pouch.

This time My Envy Box contains 4 new brands Madara ,Epique,Wild ferns and Natio from different countries,I have received two from them.

You  can also subscribe for My Envy Box,which promises to deliver you with 5 samples(typically 2-10 ml) from  Luxury/Prestige Beauty Brands every month at your door step. The subscription Cost of My Envy Box is Rs.850/month. Currently it is on Invite Basis.So, You can request a Invite Here

Want to know more about My Envy Box ,then check about it  in my previous posts here.

Lets See what I received in this Month's Box in detail : This time also I received 5 samples from luxury beauty brands.They are :

1) L'Occitane Angelica Hydra Vital Cream (2 * 1.5 ml ) : Rs. 2990 for 50 ml : Which is a truly wonderful product  that helps in leaving the skin soft and refreshed all day.

2)Epique Switzerland Advanced UV Protection System with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (5 ml) : Rs.2700 for 15 ml : This is one of the New brands in this month's box and I got this UV protection system with SPF 50 which helps in protecting the skin against both harmful  UVA and UVB rays.

3) H2O +Aqualibrium Sea Mineral Scrub  (30ml) : Rs.1050 for 75 ml:: I love H2O + samples in 'My Envy Box' every time as they are of very generous size and love to receive at least one sample with generous size every time. 

4) Madara Organic Skincare Time Miracle Night Cream ( 2 X 1.5 ml ):RS.3000 for 50 ml
This is one more New Brand this Month,which is been on my Wish list from long back and I did not get chance to try it till now and 'My Envy Box' as always gave me a chance to try my dream brand,which is why I LOveeee 'My Envy Box'.

5) Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'eau ( 1 ml) : Rs.4745/7499 for 50ml/125 ml : Before I am not a fan of Perfumes but after using the samples in the 'My Envy Box' I am getting addicted and loving the different and unique fragrances each time

In addition to these products they also gave a free Makeup Consultation from Givenchy!!! 

Final Conclusion About 'My Envy Box' August 2014 Edition Review : Overall  a great Box again and again.Last time I enjoyed with Hair care samples and Now I am going to pamper my skin with these luxurious Skin Care samples.'My Envy Box' getting more and more better with every upcoming Month and this time I gave me a chance to try out my Dream Brand Madara that too Night cream and the best thing with this Month's Box is all the 5 samples are super luxurious and useful.I loved each and every product from the Box and I am  more than satisfied with this box. In one word this Month's Box is Incredible, can't expect anything better than this!!!

Sriz Rating : 10/5 (+5 for giving my favorite Madara Samples)