Sunday, August 3, 2014

My First Giveaway....Participate and Win goodies from Beauty Uk,Florelle and Maybelline New York !!!

Hello Girls :)

          As Sriz Beauty Blog  completed 6 months ,I would like to hold on a Mini Giveaway for my lovely readers :) I will surely give a major one when it finishes One year! The rules are very simple for this giveaway just finish any 3 options mentioned below and you could win these exciting and colorful products!!!

My First Giveaway!!!

Goodies to be won :

1) Beauty UK - Eye Shadow Palette No 2 -Soho - 1 no.
2)Florelle Wet and dry Blush-Marmorized - 1 no.
3)Maybelline Color Show Nail paints : 4 no.
4)Maybelline Glitter Mania Nail Paint -1 no.

There will be 3 winners for this giveaway :

1) First winner will get Beauty UK - Eye Shadow Palette No 2 -Soho

Beauty UK - Eye Shadow Palette No 2 -Soho
For a better idea I am showing the shades in my palette here.

2) Second winner will get Florelle Wet and dry Blush-Marmorized and Maybelline Glitter Mania Nail Paint ( shade as per the choice of the winner).Just for an idea I am showing All that glitters shade in the picture.

Florelle Wet and dry Blush-Marmorized and Maybelline Glitter Mania Nail Paint

3) Third winner will get 4 Maybelline color show nail paints (shades as per the choice of the winner)

Rules for this Giveaway : 

a) This giveaway is open only for Indian Residents.

b)The giveaway is open till October 8th and winners will  be announced on October 9th.

c)Participants above age 18 are eligible for this giveaway,underage participants can participate after taking permission or under the supervision of their parents.

d)You should complete any of the 3 options from the following to enter into this giveaway! *marked options are compulsory!

  *Option 1) Like Sriz BeautyBlog Fan page on Facebook.You can do this by clicking here.(15 points)

    Option 2) Ask any 3 of your friends also to like the Facebook page. You can join as many friends as you can.(5 points for every friend you add)

    Option 3)Follow me on twitter.You can follow me @Sriramani9 (5 points)

   *Option 4)Comment on minimum 3 blog posts.You can comment on as many posts as possible. (for every post you comment you get 5 points)

   Option 5) Subscribe for updates on this blog through your Email.Just enter your email Id in the first box in the  sidebar and click submit.(15 points)
Note * : For option 5,after subscribing,you will be sent an E-mail with an  activation link .You need to click on the link for activation.You should compulsorily do this step to enter this giveaway.

After completing the options,you need to complete the following steps and mail it to

Step 1 :Your name ,Face book name, ____________________ ,___________
Step 2 : Names of your friends whom you joined into fb page___________,_______________. 
Step 3 : Your twitter id ___________________
Step 4 : Your email id which you gave during subscription __________________________

Just copy the above highlighted  4 steps and paste them in the mail,fill your details and mail them to completes your entry :)

 You have more than 1 month time,so go ahead and get the points as much as possible.So, the 3 Participants who gets highest points will win .Wish You All the Best.......Hope You Win :)

Note : your email Id will not be used or published anywhere so don't worry.

For any queries or modification please feel free to mail me at or just comment in the comments section below.Those who do not have any Ids for commenting,just select Anonymous and mention your name in the comment.


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Aha dats fine. Ramani

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Awesome giveaway!
Entering right away :D

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Superb I'm excited

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Entered ^_^