Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Fabulous Fix Body Lotion Review - Sample Series 2

Hi :)

In continuation to the sample series 2, today I am reviewing Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Fabulous Fix Body Lotion,which I received in August Fab Bag.I received a full size 60 ml bottle along with Kronokare Caribbean Ginger revive and thrive shower gel,which will be reviewed soon .
Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Fabulous Fix Body Lotion

Price :  INR 115/-
Quantity : 60 ml

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Fabulous Fix Body Lotion

Availability : Available from here.


Directions for use : Spread generously from head to toe,rejoice in the natural glow.


What the product Claims : 
Ginger will help you purify and detox, simple goodness on the rocks! 
These products are sure to clean from inside out, just what you need to head on out. 
So, indulge in the feel-good factor delivered to you using our pure essential oils, and get ready to go in and bare it!

My View On the Product : I love aromatic oils as each specific oil will have a very unique aroma, which helps in relaxing the mind and uplifting the senses.I have used their lavender body lotion in the past and I loved it and now this particular Caribbean Ginger body lotion has that special zing,which is unique to the Ginger.The lotion is very light and get absorbed instantly which out much effort.It hydrates the skin for more than 3 hours,though the fragrance does not stays for more time.It is Paraben and SLS free which makes it one step more useful.It is priced very reasonably.


Final Views on the Product : Those who love aromatherapy products will love this.Thisis a must have for summer season as it is very light, refreshing and soothing.It absorbs instantly into the skin and not at all heavy on the skin. Definitely Worth trying.

Sriz Rating : 4.6/5


Megha Saraf said...

its still lying in my cupboard. Will try it soon. Sounds really awesome from ur review :)

Sri ramani said... try it Megha :)