Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Experience at Za Beauty School - Part 1

Hello everyone :)

   I am super happy for getting a chance to meet Megumi Mitsui,beauty expert from the house of Shiseido,Japan at Za Beauty School event,Bangalore. A huge Thanks to 'My Envy Box' for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

At Za Beauty School Event at Bangalore
Initially the event was started with the introduction about the Megumi Mitsui,her journey and association with the house of shiseido.

Megumi Mitsui Sharing her journey with house of shiseido
 Later on Megumi Mitsui explained and demonstrated the importance of skin care routine step by step very clearly using the Za products.She showed the process of cleansing,toning and moisturization with detailed illustration. She also shared so many useful tips  for proper maintain of skin.
Anna translating the conversation of Megumi to english

 Megumi Mitsui demonstrated the entire process in Japanese language and the whole process was translated to English by Anna.
Megumi demonstrating about proper cleansing

She also showed how to easily find our skin type basing on the moisture level and level of oil.
Megumi demonstrating about proper cleansing

The super impressive part of the event is her demonstration about how to cleanse the skin in the right way using  Za cleansing foam,which is entirely a new technique which most of us are unaware.She also explained about the role of foaming cleansers in deep cleansing the skin and how they are superior than the normal cleansers.
Megumi and anna  answering a query

Overall, an extremely lovely experience and learned so many useful and important tips and tricks for getting a beautiful skin. Za India and My Envy box made it possible for me to meet the Makeup and Beauty Diva, Megumi Mitsui.She is a wonderful human being and down to earth person,who shared the most important tips and tricks for achieving a flawless  skin and answered all our queries very patiently and pleasantly.

This is only part 1 and will share some more experiences in Part 2 and will discuss about the  Za products,their importance and how they are different from other products.And most importantly about the Patented  skin analyzer which is used to  measure the level the moisture in the skin.


Unknown said...

I so much wanted to go.. But it was on Monday in Bangalore.. why ZA why.. !!.. Hopefully next time :).. waiting for your next post to gain the insights :)

Sri ramani said...

Definitely a great opportunity for all of us!!! Me too in Bangalore,attended yesterday..............by tomorrow morning will post the next part :)