Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Experience at Za Beauty School - Part 2

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This is a continuation to my part 1, in this I am sharing few more experiences with you all. There are so many tips and tricks she shared,a bit confused,from where to start.

Megumi Mitsui explained about the two different line of products in the Za. There are two range/line of products 1)True white Range 2)Perfect Solution Range

Za True White Range

Za Perfect Solution Range

They gave us a form to fill in  about our Age,skin type and about skin concerns.

And basing on the skin concerns Megumi suggested the suitable line of products to be used for that particular concerns.

The above picture is just for a reference.In this you can see 3 types of concerns.

1) If we have more number of concerns like acne,uneven skin tone etc., in type 1,then we need to use the Za True White line  of products.
2)If we have more concerns like wrinkles,age spots in type 2,then we need to use the Za Perfect solution line range of products.
3)If we have more concerns like visible pores in type 3,then we need to use the combination of both of these True White and Perfect Solution range products.

Za True White -Ingredients 
The 4MSK ingredient in the True white range is a super powerful whitening Ingredient which helps in whitening and brightening of skin.
Za Perfect Solution - Ingredients

So we filled the forms and basing on our concerns Megumi suggested the products to be used while she is demonstrating.She asked one of us to be the model,so that she can demonstrate the entire process on her.

Basing on my skin concerns,I used the True white range of products.We were asked to do ourselves the entire process  of cleansing,toning ,moisturization and protection,while she was doing it on the model.

They have their Patented Skin analyzer,which measures the skin moisture level.Mine was initially 43 and after using the Za True White Toner it was increased to 57.

Megumi also showed how the toner helps in brightening the skin.We were shown two glasses with some  liquid which is similar to melanin in the skin,and in one glass Megumi added water which does not have any whitening effect and in other glass she added the true white toner,which immediately turned that dark liquid to clear one.You can see it in the picture below,

And the moisturizing capacity of Za cream was demonstrated using the special color changing paper.The one on the left is Za cream which has intense moisturizing properties changed the color of paper and the one of right is other  cream from some brand which failed to change the color due to lack of  enough moisurizing property.

And Megumi also  explained about  the importance of different layers of skin and the time span for the layers to get reborn.

Our skin being the largest living organ,and it consists of 3 layers

1) Epidermis - the outer layer ,it gets reborn every 42 days. If there are any marks or black spots on out face,they take minumum of 42 days to get reduced.

2)Dermis - this is the next layer after epidermis and it is responsible for maintaining skin youthful and this is responsible for age spots and wrinkles.It gets reborn once in every 5 years.So we should take enough care to prevent age spots ,wrinkles or else they take 5 years to get reduced.

3)Hypodermis - this is the 3rd layer below the dermis.

This is the Za two way foundation with 4 unique shades suitable for Indian Skin Tones.We can use it dry or wet.We finished the entire process with this foundation.

Some Important tips shared by Megumi :

1) Never apply soap or face wash directly to the face.Make a foam of it and apply that foam to face and then cleanse.

2)Always apply a toner and cream/emulsion using a cotton pad.

3)No need to apply a sunscreen before 20 mins,just apply it before stepping out into the skin,as it does not get absorbed,it only forms a layer on the skin to protect from UV rays.

4)SPF 25-26 is enough to protect the skin from UV rays for up to 6.6 hrs.SPF 60 and SPF 100 gives protection up to 26 hrs and 33 hrs respectively,which is a long period and as we do not stay that many hours in sun and also we wash our face at least once every 6 hrs.

5)Wash the face only twice a day,not more than that as frequent washing can take away essential moisture from the skin.

6) Sleep between 10 P.m to 2 A.m is called as Golden sleep,which helps in keeping our skin healthy.So,we should compulsorily sleep before 10 P.M for keeping our skin healthy and glowing. 

7) Massage any cream or lotion in upward direction to the cheeks,which helps in uplifting the skin.

These are some of the tips I remembered.I will do a detailed post on proper cleansing method showed by Megumi in another post.

Hope you like this post,please share your views :)

ps : Images without my blog name embossing are from Google and Twitter.


Anonymous said...

I am scheduled to visit the Delhi session of ZA School and i am eagerly looking forward to it! Anvita

Sri ramani said...

Hi Anvita,You will surely enjoy the event!!!