Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kara Make-up Removal wipes with Sea weed and Lavender Review

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     Today I am reviewing  Kara Make-Up Removal Wipes with Sea Weed and Lavender,which are my saviors during the travelling as well as on lazy days.These are the wet tissues saturated with Makeup-remover solution.
Kara Make-up Removal wipes 

Price : INR 70
Quantity :10 wipes

Kara Make-up Removal wipes 

 Packaging :  It comes in an attractive parrot green colored resealable  pack.

Kara Make-up Removal wipes 

 Color and Texture : These are white colored soft wet tissues.

Kara Make-up Removal wipes 
What the product Claims :

Kara skin wipes is a solution to your skin care regime out of home- a convenient way to be at your best always. With a unique formulation of natural ingredients, these wipes are easy to use – anytime, anywhere. What’s more they are made from Birla cellulose, a fibre that is 100% natural and biodegradable.
Kara Make-up Remover wipes 

Directions For Use :
Kara Make-up Removal wipes 
Availability : Available in few online shopping sites.You can buy it from here 

Key Ingredients :
Kara Make-up Removal wipes 

My Views On the Product :I have used these wipes for the first time when I am a student,some 2 -3 years back and from then I always keep a pack with me and use it during travelling or sometimes when I am tired and lazy to remove the make up.These wipes removes make up even the most stubborn water proof Make up in 2-3 wipes without leaving any traces.  One single kara wipe is enough for the entire face and neck.The wipe is soft enough to use even under the delicate eye area.These wipes have a refreshing scent which stays on face for some time after using them.These wipes are very effective in removing the waterproof Maybelline mascaras,which are the toughest for me to remove.It makes skin clean with out making it dry or greasy.The size of the wipe is more than enough to cover the face.Though I do not recommend for daily use but definitely a must have especially when travelling!!!

L-R Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick,lakme eyeconic kajal,lakme liner,colorbar lipstick,street wear kohl,maybelline w.proof falsies mascara

after wiping them once

After 2 wipes

used wipe

Pros Of Kara Make-up Removal wipes  :

  1. Very effective in removing make-up including water proof
  2. Makes skin clean with out drying or making it oily
  3.  Contains the goodness of seaweed and lavender
  4. Travel friendly packaging
  5. Easy to use
  6. Affordable price
  7. Wipes are very soft and gentle on skin and can be used for under eye area also
  8. Refreshing scent
  9. Re-sealable packing
Cons Of Kara Make-up Removal wipes   :
  1. Limited availability
  2.  Contains Preservatives
  3. No complete ingredient list
Sriz Rating : 4.5/5 

Final Conclusion about Kara Make-up Removal wipes A must have wipes for office as well as during travelling.Removes make up completely with out leaving any traces including water proof make up.

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