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Fuschia Mystic Blend Natural Hand Made Soap Review

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I am reviewing Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap,which I received some time back,for which I did the First Impression post here and already reviewed the  Pomogranate lip balm from that set.

Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
About Fuschia : Fuschia is a range of Handmade Natural Beauty by Vkare.Currently there are 38 variants of soaps and 5 variants of Lip Balms available under this brand. 
For more details about Fuschia...... You can check out  their face book  page as well as their a Website.

Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
Price : INR 225
Quantity : 100 gm
Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
Packaging :It comes in an attractive orange colored hand made paper wrapping with a plastic film packaging inside for double protection.
Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
Color and Texture : This is an orange mixed white colored soap with some petals kind of pieces inside.
Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
What the Product Claims :
Flowers of Palash (Tesu ke phool) were used in ancient India in beauty care recipes to improve complexion, suppleness of the skin and disorders of female reproductive organs. The extracts of various parts of the tree as well as the whole parts possess anti microbial, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, and astringent properties.
Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
Availability : Available in few online stores,You can buy it from snapdeal at a great discount here.
Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
My View On the Product :
This soap is buttery soft and resembles a block of cheese.I thought it will melt in no time,but to my  surprise,it didn't and one soap  will easily last for 1 month.  It has an amazing and refreshing mixed floral scent,which I loved very much.Though the fragrance lasts only for few hours.It lathers decently and cleanses the skin thoroughly and is well moisturizing,making skin smooth and supple.The key feature of this soap is the brightening effect,I could see a great change immediately after using it.I have used twice on my face and it  was good for the face and it effectively removed the make up on my face (not water proof though).It is paraben and cruelty free.The ingredient list is not mentioned.And as all Fuschia hand made soaps are glycerin based,hope this soap also contains glycerin  and the only ingredient I know was the palash flower,which is known to improve complexion and suppleness of the skin.I have seen these two effects already.Definitely a great soap which should not be missed.
Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review     
Pros Of Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap  :
  1. Cleanses the skin very well
  2. Makes skin bright and radiant
  3. Helps in removing washable make up efficiently
  4. Also makes skin smooth and supple
  5. Does not dry out the skin
  6. No parabens
  7. Cruelty free
  8. Refreshing floral scent
  9. little goes a long way
  10. Lathers decently
Cons Of Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap  :
  1. Limited availability
  2. No ingredient list
  3. A bit pricey
Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made Soap Review
Sriz Rating : 4.8/5

Final Conclusion about Fuschia  Mystic Blend  Natural Hand Made SoapThose who needs a  moisturizing soap which makes skin brighter and softer should try this and those who likes floral scent will absolutely love this!!!

*PR Sample : However it did not effect my opinion!

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