Saturday, November 22, 2014

Super Fun With Rhymes!!!

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  Childhood is the best time and part of life for most of us.No worries,no tensions only just fun.Those days are truly memorable and I wish If I could go back to those days again!!!I am the most mischievous Kid in those school days and I am one of the members in the Hit list (List of top 10 most Naughty kids in the school). I used to participate in all extra circular activities,anything which is  apart from studies.Coming to studies I am an average student.I used to love everything oral but I used to struggle with the written Part.The most worst part of me is my Hand writing.....till class V, I  always used to get remarks in my Class Diary daily about my super Handwriting!!!

There are many memories for me from my childhood,especially about my first prize in my life.I got it in my nursery,I do not remember much about it but my mom used to tell me about that frequently.I still have that photograph of me taking the prize.Do you want to know.....for which competition I got the prize???

Well,I got first prize for singing my favorite Rhyme properly and clearly with actions!!!Can you guess which Rhyme did I sung that time???

Watch this Video....You will know!!!

Yes!!! ''London Bride Is Falling Down'' Rhyme for which I got the prize.I love this rhyme so much.In my school days,my teacher used to sing this song with actions.But these days Digital Classes are so much advanced and these give kids more exposure to the rhymes and it has become much more easier for them to learn.I worked as a teacher for one year for primary sections and there is one hour digital class everyday,in which we will show all the rhymes to them and they used to enjoy the rhymes and stories with animations.I used to enjoy myself along with them.It is a kind of refreshment for kids as well as teachers.

'London Bridge' is my all time Favorite rhyme.But my students always asked me to play the "Five Little Monkeys''.They enjoy this rhyme so much.It's a nice slow rhyme with comedy touch.When the monkey falls each time,kids used to laugh so much.They used to enjoy a lot.Because of them, It has become my favorite too.You too  can check out this rhyme...I am sure you too will enjoy!!!
But for those kids who are not going to school yet or who are not having digital classes in their schools or who are below 2.5 years,the best choice for showing them the rhymes and stories is the Kids Hut,where you can find all types of rhymes and stories with colorful animations and clear descriptive songs/rhymes.

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