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Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review

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Today I am reviewing Bloom Ayur Shampoo,which I received few weeks back and have been using it from then.It is a natural hair revitalizer which contains a blend of 5 cooking grade  oils like coconut,sunflower,gingelly,castor and Olive oil.
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review

Price : INR 400

Quantity : 200 ml

Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review
Packaging :  It comes in a sturdy  plastic bottle with a flip cap with a similar outer carton.
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review
Color and Texture : This is a pale orange colored watery liquid kind of shampoo.
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review

About the Bloom Shampoo:Made from high quality vegetable oil infused with combination of selected herbs.Potassium hydroxide is used for saponification of the oils.There are no added detergents.It prevents hair-fall enhance hair growth and controls dandruff to a larger extent.

   The Glycerin formed during the saponification is left in the shampoo.It is a natural moisturizer and protects hair from drying and splitting at the ends.For best results,use it everyday.
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review
Availability : Available only from their website.You Can buy it here.
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review
 Ingredients : High Grade Vegetable oils,herbs,potassium hydroxide,boric acid,water,natural essential oil.
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review
Directions for Use : Apply Bloom Ayur Shampoo to wet hair.Gently massage with finger tips in a gentle circular motion until the formation of a rich and creamy lather.Leave it on hair for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly for shiny,bouncy and healthy hair.
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review
My View On the Product :This Bloom Ayur Shampoo is of running consistency and has a strong ayurvedic fragrance. It lathers moderately as it is free from artificial and harmful foaming agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,which can harm hair follicles.It cleanses the hair thoroughly and gently,but need a lot of product every time.From the first time itself, it controlled hair fall to a great extent especially during shampooing.As mentioned there is no need to oil the hair before,as it leaves a moisture film or  gives a coating to the hair strands because of  the glycerin in it and absolutely there is no need to use a conditioner after it.Immediately after shampooing, hair feels somewhat oily and sticky and upon complete drying there is no such feeling.It gives a nice healthy volume to the hair.It makes hair smooth and shiny.This shampoo should be used atleast for 3 weeks to see the results.As far as the hair growth is concerned,I did not notice yet as I have been using it from past 10 days  only and it needs little more time to know about it.
    The best thing about this it contains a blend of 5 cooking grade oils like olive,coconut,sunflower,gingelly and castor oil in it along with herbs like Amla,Aloe vera,Fenugreek seeds,Hibiscus,Neem,Curry leaves which are promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall.
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review
Pros Of Bloom Ayur Shampoo :
  1. Contains the goodness of 5 essential cooking grade oils along with important herbs
  2. Reduces hair fall from first use itself
  3. Makes hair smooth and soft
  4. Hydrates the hair and reduces the dryness
  5. Adds a bounce to the hair
  6. Lathers decently
  7. Does not contain harmful chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  8. No parabens
  9. Travel friendly packaging
Cons Of Bloom Ayur Shampoo :
  1. Strong ayurvedic fragrance
  2. Limited availability
  3. Makes hair sticky immediately after washing
  4. A bit pricey
  5. Requires a lot of product every time
Bloom Ayur Shampoo Review
Sriz Rating : 4.3/5

Final Conclusion about Bloom Ayur Shampoo :Those who are looking for a shampoo which helps in reducing hair fall, makes hair bouncy and shiny should gives this a try.

*PR Sample : However it did not effect my opinion.

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