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Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack (Cream) Review


Today I am reviewing Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack (Cream),which is one of the products I received from Khadi,which I showed here.This is a pure sandal wood wet face pack which is meant to reduce Pimples, Black heads and other skin disorders.
Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack (Cream) Review
Price : INR 99
Quantity : 75 gm 
Shelf Life : 2 years
Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack (Cream) Review
 Packaging :  It comes in a cute steel  tub/dabba with labels having all the required information.
Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack (Cream) Review
 Color and Texture : This is a sandal colored wet face pack.
Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack (Cream) Review
What the product Claims :Lush sandalwood cream, known for its calming and healing properties has been carefully created keeping your skin's delicate pH in mind. Use twice a week to help undo unfair sun damage and restore and soothe your skin to it's former glowing glory.
Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack (Cream) Review
Availability : Available in many online stores.You can buy it here and here.
Ingredients : Sandalwood Powder,Neem (Margosa),Camphor,Fullers Earth,Turmeric,Cream Base.
Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack (Cream) Review
Directions for Use :Apply directly onto face with clean fingers or a face pack applying brush. Use at least twice a week for noticeable results.
Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack (Cream) Review
My Views On the Product : I have used it for more than thrice till now and it is a very cooling and soothing face pack which is very easy to apply and easy to remove.It has a mild sandal wood fragrance.I have used this face pack before in a powder form,which is a bit uncomfortable to use,but this wet form is super easy to use.It instantly brightens the face and gives a nice glow to the face.It contains the goodness of sandalwood,neem,tulsi,camphor,fullers earth,turmeric which are known ingredients that help in brightening as well as in reducing pimples to a great extent.This face pack helps in soothing the irritations and rashes.It also helps in lightening the dark spots as it contains sandal wood in it.I like to use this pack on a wet face,so that it spreads easily and requires less amount of the product to cover entire face.It is paraben free and cruelty free and is super affordable.It is easily available in many online stores.The tub looks cute and good for storing,but the lid does not fit tightly,which makes it unfriendly during travelling.This is good for oily -combination skin,but dry skin may feel a bit drying.
Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack (Cream) Review
Pros Of  Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack :
  1. Instantly brightens the face
  2. Makes skin soft and supple
  3. Gives a nice glow to the face
  4. Helps in soothing the irritated skin
  5. Mild sandalwood fragrance
  6. 100 % organic
  7. Contains the goodness of sandal wood,Neem,TurmericMultani mitti,tulsi, 
  8. Paraben free
  9. Affordable price
  10. Easy availability
  11. Cruelty free
  12. Long shelf life
Cons Of Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack   :
  1. A bit drying
  2. Not a travel friendly packaging
Sriz Rating : 4.6/5 

Final Conclusion about Khadi Sandal Wood Herbal Face Pack : Those who love organic face packs with the goodness of sandal wood,neem ,tulsi,fullers earth and those who are looking for a good face pack that helps in reducing pimples and black marks should try this.

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*PR Sample : How ever it did not effect my opinion.

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