Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rise Above Fear with Dare and Mountain Dew!!!


    To succeed in life, one has to overcome their Fear,as it is the first and foremost reason for most of the failures.We have to rise above fear to reach our dreams and goals.Many a times,taking risk leads to success and help us stand out of the crowd.

    There are many opportunities around us, but we need to take the right step with Dare and confidence but not with fear.Confidence is the key to success and one should do everything with confidence to reach their destination.   

   Two days back I watched an extra ordinary Advertisement or I can say a film of Mountain Dew Starring Akhil Akkineni,the grandson  of the great legendary Telugu Film Actor Dr.Akkineni Nageswara Rao (late) and the son of  the most handsome telugu Actor  Akkineni Nagarjuna.

  This film Captures the Journey of Akhil from Fear to Victory with a great enthusiasm along with Mountain Dew!!! It says ''Fear is a fact and one has to take risks in life to succeed." It has been  filmed very clean and neat.You too can check out this wonderful film in the video below! You can even get more updates of the #RiseAboveFear  from the Mountain Dew Face Book Page!


After watching this Video, I remembered my childhood dream of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer which was not fulfilled but I am happy with What I am now and there are few incidents which made me a leader.I would like to share one of  my daring and a bit risky experience (not entirely though) but for me its a great achievement. When I was in my 9th standard, I went to excursion  along with my friends  and schoolmates  to Annavaram,a pilgrim place .when  we have started walking through the roadway  one of my friends suddenly slipped down by the roadside and fallen to a 20 feet bottom  and started crying loudly.
Rise Above Fear with Dare and Mountain Dew!!!
          Nobody dared to save her  and she  started crying "HELP....HELP"  At that moment I have forgotten my cowardness and jumped to the roadside and started crawling down to the bottom.  After seeing my dareness  my friends started coming down one by one and helped to bring my friend up.   I really felt great on my daring step to save my friend.   Every one of my friends, teachers  and spectators at the place patted my back for my dareness and applauded very much.
Annavaram temple -Rise Above Fear with Dare and Mountain Dew!!!
   This incident made my career to a highsky level  and  after our coming back from the excursion  our teachers recommended me for NCC and they made me class leader not only that,but also  for every athletic competitions and prize distribution programmes  I was being invited  for many years. I have also mooted small training programmes for  kids, how to save people when they are in danger. I am always optimistic  and fully satisfied with my career. 

If I had not taken that daring step,I would not had the recognition which I had now among my friends and teachers.Fear is the negative energy which pulls you back from the Success,So never give up anything with Fear.Rise Above Fear with Dare and positive energy from Mountain Dew!!!
Rise above fear with Mountain Dew!!!
This post is written as part of indiblogger Happy Hours Campaign in association with Mountain Dew India.

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