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The Happiness In being Pure!!!

We all love our parents and friends,they too love us equally and have immense faith in us. Everything will be happy if all things go properly. Many  a times,we get a situation where we  cannot decide between parents and friends and with whom to spend time with!!! Sometimes when the situations turn a bit harder and in times when we do not have any alternative to solve the problem we just simply lie to escape from the problem.But this is just a temporary solution which becomes a burden in  future.
The Happiness In being Pure!!!
Recently, when I saw the Advertisement of Kinley Water,it reminded me of my own situation,which is much similar to it.If you haven't watched the Advertisement yet,please watch it now,before reading my experience.


I finished Grade 1 till the Graduation in my home town  itself and for the first time I had to go to another place for my Post Graduation studies and had to stay in a hostel along with my college mates.Till then I was under parents supervision and for the first time I had to live all by myself and there is no one to point out at my mistakes.
The Happiness In being Pure!!!
After our 1st  semester exams, we had 1 month  holidays and my friends planned a tour to Manali,but when I asked my parents,they did not gave me permission.I felt very sad and my friends who could not go with out taking me along with them, asked me to come with out informing to parents.After thinking for one whole day, I convinced myself and went along with them with out telling anything to parents.
The Happiness In being Pure!!!
When my parents called me during the trip, I managed as if I am talking from my hostel.It was a 5 days trip and for 4 days I managed successfully and on the final day when we were travelling back,there are no signals.None of our phones have signals.My parents were calling  me from the morning and it was in the night 12.30 we got signals.Immediately after getting the signals,There are 42 missed calls from my mom and dad.Immediately I called my mom,she picked up the phone in great excitement and was about to cry while talking.Then I understood that both my mom and dad were so worried because of me and my ignorance.

Then I thought that telling the truth was the right thing to do and revealed the truth.When I told about my tour to the Mom,the first thing she asked me was,whether I had taken all the precautions or not?as I have tonsillitis and Manali being a very cold place. In a fraction of seconds,tears rolled down my eyes and started crying. Instead of scolding,my mom and dad convinced me to stop crying.

I felt very ashamed and embarrassed for what I did and realized my mistake.From then on wards,I did not hide anything from my parents and tried to be the best and honest  in everything I did and will continue to be like that forever!!!

Be good ,Be pure to every one who loves you and who trust you ,like the Kinley Water,which has purity in Every Drop!!!

The Happiness In being Pure!!!
Kinley water comes with the assurance of safety from The Coca-Cola Company.Kinley with reverse –osmosis along with the latest technology  ensure purity in every drop.. Because they believe that right to pure, safe drinking water is fundamental.
The Happiness In being Pure!!!

The Real Happiness lies in Being honest and Pure to our Loved ones!!!

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This post is written as a part of  Indiblogger Happy hours Campaign in association with Kinley 

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