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Vacations With Kids!!!

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  Vacations give us a great chance to take the break from the regular work and help us to relax ourselves from the hectic schedules. Vacations makes us happy and relieves all our tensions.And if the vacations are along with our children,the happiness becomes doubled and our tensions just get vanished!
Vacations With Kids!!!
Kids adds the magic to our vacations with their priceless smiles and happiness.They enjoy the vacations far better than us and in a totally different way.They make the vacations much more sweeter and livelier with their innocent face, naughty actions,emotions..They make each and every trip memorable and gives the unique experiences each time.

After continuous travelling,we may feel tired and bored but when we are travelling with our kids,there is no chance for boredom or tiredness as they keep us fully engaged with their cute as well as mischievous things.They are powerhouses of energy for us.By seeing their activeness automatically we become active.

Vacations with children are far more memorable than with our friends or colleagues,they add the zing to the trips.Recently me and husband went on a trip to Coorg along with my sister's family with their 2 kids Deepshika and Abhi.We have planned everything perfectly along with our to and fro tickets.
Our plan is to reach the resort in the coorg,which we booked and then finish of all the  nearby site seeing in 2 days and thought of returning back.On first day we went for site seeing and there my sister's kids enjoyed a lot and made many new friends with the local kids there as well as kids who came on vacation like them.They discussed everything starting from their school to the details of the trip with those kids.One of the local kid  there asked my sister's kids,whether they have visited the Nagarhole National Park or not?.Immediately they came and asked us to take them to the National park,about which we not even heard of.When we inquired about the park with the resort people,they told that it is a must place to visit and almost  every one who visits coorg will visit the park.
Jungle Safari at Nagarhole national park

After  clearing all the inquiries and doubts,we finally headed over to the Nagarhole National Park,which is a super fantastic Park with various wild animals.They do have the Jungle safari option,in which they take us to the inside of the park with in a small van or jeep.We can see different animals and birds in their natural habitat,unlike the artificial habitats in Zoo and also we booked a department guest house inside the forest and we stayed there for one night,which is the first ever experience for us to stay in the wild. We all had  really a splendid experience in visiting that National Park and the night stay inside the forest.
Department guest house inside the forest in the Nagarhole national park
If the kids were not with us during the trip,we should have definitely missed that beautiful and adventurous safari and the night stay.Because of these kids only, we had a much more memorable as well as thrilling trip.Kids always adds colors to our life and happiness.Kids are truly the god sent gifts for keeping us Happy and  Lively.This is how kids can make the vacations Unique.

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Vacations With Kids!!!
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