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Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Emollient Cream Review

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    Today I am reviewing one more product from  Ethicare Remedies,which is their Hydrofil Emollient Cream Review,which is similar to the Hydrofil Emollient lotion in hydration but different in consistency.
 Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Emollient Cream Review
About the Brand :Ethicare remedies  is a cosmeceutical company truly dedicated to dermatology and cosmetology established in 2003. They promote their products in ethical way to dermatologists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. They offer wide range of state of art products and many of them are introduced for the first time in India by Ethicare and Ethinext. At Ethicare,they are preciously committed to Innovation, Quality & better health of Human-hope for whatever they do. Majority of their products are having noteworthy credentials for better results & smooth mode of action and efficacy. Their product range helps in treatment of major chronic and acute conditions. 
     To know more about them You can check out the Ethicare  Website ,Ethinext Pharma Website and Facebook page.
 Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Emollient Cream Review
Price : INR 190
Quantity : 150 gm
Shelf life : 3 Years
 Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Emollient Cream Review
Packaging : It comes in a  red colored cute tube with a white colored screw cap.
 Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Emollient Cream Review
Color and Texture : This is a white colored thick soft cream .

What the product Claims : A specially developed moisturizing cream  excellent spread ability.With goodness of natural moisturizer aloevera.This is a specially formulated lotion with Phospholipid lecithin,and Bees wax,which helps in replenishing the skin's Moisture & protective lipid barrier.This cream immediately hydrates the dry areas and makes it soft and supple.It has a very mild floral fragrance.
 Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Emollient Cream Review
 Key Ingredients : Lecithin,Aloevera,Silicone oil,Propylene Glycol. Light Liquid Paraffin,Bees wax,Vitamin- E acetate.
 Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Emollient Cream Review
Availability : Available  in very few online stores.You can buy it from here and also you can get it from medical stores.
 Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Emollient Cream Review
My View On the Product : This is a thick cream which spreads easily but needs a bit of massaging to get completely absorbed.Immediately after application, it hydrates the skin from deep with in and reduces the dry patches.It also prevents the skin from flaking.It moisturizes the skin for good 5-7 hrs.It has a very mild jasmine kind of floral fragrance,which does not stay for longer time.This cream suits well for dry skin as well as for normal skin people especially during the winter season.It comes in two sizes one is 150 ml tube which I am showing in this post and other is the 50 ml tube.Both priced reasonable at INR 190 and 108 respectively.A little goes a long way and one tube lasts for more than 20 days.It has a very good shelf life of 36 months.It is not heavy or greasy on the skin and it makes skin smooth and supple.It is free from parabens and harmful chemical ingredients.It contains the goodness oflecithin,Aloevera and Vitamin E which helps in keeping the skin hydrated and soft.The bottle is very portable,sturdy and travel friendly.
 Ethicare Remedies Hydrofil Emollient Cream Review
Pros Of Hydrofil Emollient cream:
  1. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin well for longer hours
  2. Makes skin soft and supple
  3. Little goes a long way
  4. Helps in reducing dry patches
  5. Prevents flakking or scaling of skin
  6.  Mild Fragrance 
  7. Contains the goodness of Lecithin,Aloevera & Vitamin E
  8. Longer shelf life period
  9. Travel friendly packaging
  10. Affordable price
  11. Not heavy or greasy on the skin
  12. Available in both cream and lotion base
Cons Of Hydrofil Emollient Cream :
  1. Limited availability
Sriz Rating : 4.6/5

Final Conclusion about Hydrofil Emollient Cream: This is a good cream for normal -dry skin people which hydrates for a good 5-7 hrs ,which is free from harmful preservatives.

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