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Journey from 'OR' to 'AND' with Gillette Venus!!!

Every one is different ,so is  every ones life.You cannot follow some ones life or you cannot live some ones life.Every one dreams about their own life and have their unique goals.No one has the right to divert ones goals or ambitions.Even the parents has nothing to do with it.Sometimes it is very difficult to stand on the right path which helps in fulfilling our goals but it is definitely not impossible.You need to listen  only to your heart in order to achieve what you want in life,with out compromising.

My life is  also the same like the every other girl,who have high hopes but got restricted for some or the other reason.From childhood,I am passionate about Beauty and Fashion,everything related to them.I guess at the age of 7 or 8,started my love for makeup.I used to participate in all the extracurricular activities like dramas,skits,dance programmes during my school and college days.I used to love to see myself in full make-up with rosy cheeks,pink lips,nail paints.I used to observe the make up artist,how he is doing.I used to practice the same at home with all the stuff  of my mom and aunt.I used to try different accessories and clothes,which ever is the latest.

When I finished my 12th grade,I told my parents that I want to join in Fashion technology or in any Beautician course.They never accepted it and with great opposition,they made me to join in Bachelor Degree college.I some how passed it with Distinction and then again I tried to convince my parents about my further studies at least this time in my favorite field.The same story continued and I had to complete the masters in that science field itself.
 Journey from 'OR' to 'AND' with Gillette Venus!!!
Then,came the time for searching the job and I told my parents that I do not want to work in the science field as it is not my cup of tea.I told them that I want to start my own blog and want to work towards my passion to prove myself.They did not accepted and I have to join in a Science lab as a research assistant.With in 3 months of joining,I got married and had to leave the job.

After marriage, I moved to Bangalore from my home town.Here in Bangalore,the Beauty and Fashion trends are more advanced and forward than in my hometown,which gave some hope to my lost passion.This time I do not want to compromise on my wish and discussed about my interest with my husband.Initially he refused as he and my in-laws want me to work in some science related companies.I strongly argued with them about my passion on Beauty and Fashion and finally made them to agree as per my wish from House wife OR Blogger to Housewife AND Blogger.Now,I am happy with my Blogging Carrier,though it is just 1 year and have so much to achieve.Still I feel proud of myself being my Own Boss and loving my Profession with so many lovely readers and well wishers.

So,this is my Journey from 'OR' to 'AND' and my story of how I took charge of life and made a choice, not a compromise.How I refused to choose one thing OR the other, and instead followed my Own heart about #UseYourAnd.

 Journey from 'OR' to 'AND' with Gillette Venus!!!
Life is what you make it but not what you Compromise.So,Live your life with No Boundaries!!! You are here to fulfill your own wishes and not for fulfilling some one else wishes.There is only one life and one world.Be like what you are inside! It all depends on all the choices you think wise!!! Watch This Below Video of Gillette Venus to Know More

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