Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Great Indian Litterbug!!!

Everyone of us would have definitely experienced the scenic beauty of our surroundings with the greenery on one of corner walls with the moss due to  the overflowing bins  and drainage tanks,beautiful red pan stained art on outer walls of most buildings and foot paths.All these credits goes the great litter bugs in our society.All this beauty to the surroundings is just because of their great co-operation to the society.and their endless courage in maintaining the strict rules like
1) Throw litter everywhere except in the dustbins.
2) Use the entire outer walls of every building to spit.
3) Contribute to the overflowing dustbins.
4) Disperse the vegetable peels,wrappers and waste papers every where on the roads.
5) Never dump the waste and used bottles,canes etc., in the dumping places meant specially for the purpose.
6)Never sprinkle unholy water with in the four walls.Sprinkle only outside.
7) Do not follow any  wall boardings which asks you to not to spit there or not to urinate there.
The Great Indian Litterbug!!!
   We should honor them with most valuable and stunning Litterbug award for their great contribution to the society.But,it is a bit difficult to select the best litterbug because of the numerous entries. To discuss about few in my locality,I must start with my neighbor aunt  who is a most talented person who throws the waste directly on the road right from her balcony on the 4th floor,with out hesitating.Few times I witnessed the beautiful garbage water rain from the corridor of my another aunt,who just simply throws the waste water on to the road.

    Oh!!! I have to tell you about the Rao uncle, an environmental friendly Uncle,who uses the entire road and surrounding as his ash tray, helping in destroying the environment.He will be definitely included in the top most nominees.Another best nominee would be murthy uncle who is  known as the spitting king of our locality  helps every one in our society by painting their walls with his pan spitting, making them look like a rare pieces of modern art.

   How can I forget about the most desirable bachelors in my society,who stores the garbage on their terrace with out disposing for months and promoting the fermentation process.So,that the poor homeless insects and flies will get some place to stay.They also sprinkle their unholy water everywhere right from the corner of the parking lot till the outer wall of our area park.They are the role models of the present generations.It is our duty to encourage them for their effort and hard work.

All these lovely inhuman people of our society qualifies for the Litterbug award which is more valuable and precious than the Oscar award.My sincere request for all the litter bugs of my area or as well as of our entire country to please keep up their good work in spite of their busy schedule.And please do not change your behavior as it can create serious problems to our country in terms of Cleanliness and there is also a chance for our country to become ''Swatchh Bharat''. 

Watch this video below to know more about these Litter bugs.

And to get the complete information about the Great Indian Litterbug,check out here.

This is my humorous take on the Great Indian Litterbug. 

This post is written as apart of Indihours contest in association with The Times Of India

This post is just for fun and not to be taken seriously.This post is just a fiction and not intended to hurt anyone in anymeans.

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