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Things That Define Me - Gillette Venus

No family is complete without a woman.She is the basis of life,strength of the family,back bone to her husband,heartbeat to her children,pride to her parents and joy to her friends. A Woman has several roles in her life time as a daughter,sister,wife,mother,teacher,daughter-in-law.She balances each and every role with much more responsibility and dedication than Men. As the Gillette Venus Campaign says"You are warmth and wisdom. And grace and guts. No 'ifs' or 'buts,' just 'ands.'',Every Women deserves a lot more than what she is given.There should not be "OR'' but only "AND'' to her Labels. 
Things That Define Me - Gillette Venus
If I have to define myself,then there are many things which can define me and my passion.I am passionate about Fashion trends and always wants to be a trend setter.From my child hood I am more towards extra circular activities than the studies.I am somehow not interested much in studies and always crave for something outside the box.

From childhood itself, I love to be independent and always wants to be a winner in everything.I always wanted to be the leader in every event and love to organize events all by myself.When I was young,all my relatives and neighbors used to ask me about my future plans,Always my answer used to be ''THE LEADER''. I never liked to be called as one of the participant or one of the students,always wanted to be something special.

I have achieved many medals and prizes for various competitions like Debate,Elocution,Essay Writing,Dance competitions etc.,I always believe in Hard work,Dedication,Sincerity,punctuality and simplicity.All these things helped me a lot in my success in life.

Like every women,I do have multiple roles like a daughter,wife,sister,friend,writer,blogger and I enjoy each and every role,Every role is important in my life.Being a full time Beauty Blogger,I need to do multitasking daily managing both household work as well as my professional work.Time Managing is something which helps a lot to me.I need to plan everything in before hand or else everything gets postponed and becomes burden for me.In my past I used to do everything on my parents decision but after marriage,I am living as per my choice and I am super happy with what I am now.This is just because of my confidence and belief in myself. I love myself and respect my own thoughts and feelings.

My Self-Respect,Discipline and Confidence defines me Who and What I am!!!
Things That Define Me 
There is nothing which can restrict your talent,Be your own boss and listen to your heart.....Definitely everything will fall in place automatically!!!Every one of us have multi-talents and 'AND's,Do not limit yourself to one-Dimensional Labels.In a world of labels, #UseYourAnd to unleash all the extraordinary qualities that live within you! Check out the video below to know more.

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