Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fun Bed Time Rituals with Little one!!!

Motherhood is the most precious time in the life of a women and is truly a priceless gift from the God.During this phase,a mother has to look after many things to make her child healthy and happy.Motherhood is something which a mother does for her child selflessly and is the most happy as well as most challenging responsibility.It is filled not only with joy and surprises but also with many sleepless nights and it is like a round the clock job.

As the baby grows,establishing a good and bed time rituals, will not only helps in making the little one sleep early but it also helps in  relaxing the parents too.A comforting sequence of events will help your baby to adjust to the surroundings and helps her drop off to sleep more easily and quickly.

My sister Rekha follows a simple yet super fun bedtime rituals which help her baby Anvi to sleep comfortably and peacefully.Sometimes when I am at her place,I will be her baby-sitter. Rekha starts  the ritual with a Warm water bath which makes the baby warm and soothing,prepares her for the sleep.

Then she gently holds Anvi in her arms and starts singing a lullaby or sometimes she starts telling the short stories with all actions and sounds. Anvi enjoys it a lot especially when my sister starts roaring or barking to tell her about a lion or a dog.We too enjoy it along with Anvi.She cuddles and kisses her and Then she places Anvi in the cradle and finally she puts her in a diaper,which keeps Anvi dry all night and comfortable to get the good night's sleep and rest.

Initially my sister and me used to struggle a lot, when Anvi used to cry a lot in the middle of the nights,when she has to answer the nature's call frequently.We had to check every now and then,as the diapers used to be dry from outside but wet inside disturbing Anvi's Sleep.

But from the day, when one of our relatives suggested us about the Pampers Baby Dry Pants,we are super happy as they promises dryness on the inside too,Which means that Anvi's sleep will not be disturbed.So,there is no need to check every now and then as well as there is enough time to sleep for ourselves as Anvi will not be disturbed for the whole night and she gets the good night sleep which keeps her active in the next morning.

  The New Pampers Baby Dry Pants comes with a Magic Gel which absorbs wetness instantly and keeps the baby dry for upto 12 hours overnightand absorps upto 6 'wettings'..It has the flexible waistband which adapts to baby's body for a comfortable fit.It also comes with breathable cover that helps in keeping skin fresh and the baby lotion in it helps protect baby's skin from rashes.Check out more here 

So,with the help of Pampers,taking care of the baby is no more a difficult task.I am happy that in future,I can also have the sufficient sleep with my baby and pampers.

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