Saturday, February 28, 2015

Get A Better Car With Quikr NXT!!!

I have been thinking of upgrading my car from a very long time,but my budget was not allowing me to buy a new car.Recently, when I discussed about the same with my friend Himaja. She advised me to sell my old car first and then go for a second hand upgrade to a better version car than my present car,with the money which I get by selling my old car.I liked her advice and thought of selling my old car first.

Get A Better Car With Quikr NXT!!!
So,I went to meet a local car dealer who sells and buys used cars.I inquired about the price which he is willing to give for my car.He told that the market value for my car was 2,30,000 rupees. But, I expected more than 3,00,000 for my car, as I maintained it with proper servicing and even with out a single scratch.I tried to explain the same to the dealer,but he did not even care about what I am saying.He just simply said that the price 2,30,000 which he quoted for my car was only the maximum amount which he can give and that is his final quote.I was not pleased with the amount which he is offering. So,I decided to not to sell my old car for such a low price.

I left his place and inquired about the same with few more dealers.The same story continued and none of them is ready to pay me more than 2,30,000.So,I mentally decided to continue with the old car with out upgrading it.After few days,Himaja called me and asked me about my progress.I told her the entire story and then she told ''Why don't you Sell your Car in Quikr?"Then I told her that, I know about the numerous benefits of Quikr but, I do not have enough time to talk as well to clarify the doubts of each and every buyer.
Get A Better Car With Quikr NXT!!!
Then she told me about the new Quikr NXT,its uses and its various  Chat features  and asked me to download the app on my mobile. Immediately, I downloaded the app on my mobile and Uploaded my Car pictures along with a detailed description about the condition of my car, the reason for selling it and along with my quotation of 3,00,000 and began to check my chat window every now and then. Initially there was no response.but after few hours ,when I opened the chat window,I got few inquiries from different persons.I  replied to most of them at the same time,as it is an added benefit with Quikr NXT which gives us an option to chat with multiple buyers at the same time,which does not happens on phone.One particular buyer showed more interest in my car and we had a chat for almost 1 hour and finally we both made a deal for 2,85,000,which is far better than what the car dealer offered to me.The next day he came to my home at the fixed time which we discussed before,gave money and drove back with my old car.All this happened in very little time that too with out the need of talking over a phone.
Get A Better Car With Quikr NXT!!!
I have added 15,000 to this  2,85,000 making it a round figure of 3,00,000 and started browsing for ads related to selling used cars in the Quikr itself.After searching for some time I found the right car which suited to my needs as well as the price  with in my range and that too from a seller from my location.Immediately I posted a message to the seller in the Quikr NXT and he responded with in an hour. I asked him to post a closer picture of the interiors of his car. He instantly clicked pictures and posted not 1 but 5-6 pictures of the interiors of his car using the Quikr NXT photo sharing feature.I finalized after having a chat with him for about 45 mins.He asked me to come on next day with cash.I went to his house on the next day,gave him the money and finally picked up my new upgraded car.

All this selling and buying happened with in a span of 3 days with the help of QuikrNXT very smoothly with out wasting my time and money and more over with out talking over the phone for hours.This is how I got a Better Car with Quikr NXT.

This post is written as a part of Happy hours in association with Quikr NXT.

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