Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day Giveaway Announcement!!!

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I am back with one more exciting  and super special giveaway for this Valentine's Day in association with Plum!!! One lucky winner can win awesome products from Plum!
Valentine's Day Giveaway Announcement!!!
About the Brand Plum : Plum is India's first online-only beauty solution brand focused on restoring & maintaining your skin as nature made it to be. Always free of parabens, phthalates, SLS and other harmful chemicals.You can check out their Website and Facebook Page for more details.
Valentine's Day Giveaway Announcement!!!
Plum is one of my best personal favorite brands and loved each and every product I used so far!!! You can check out my reviews of the plum products here,here,here and here.

 One  Lucky Winner will get the exclusive Plum Loving Chocolaty Pair,which is a perfect combo for this Valentine's Day! This combo includes :
Valentine's Day Giveaway Announcement!!!
1) Choco-Latte Cream Body wash(200 ml): Soap-free, SLS-free creaminess with a yummy chocolaty aroma that lingers. You will love the way your skin feels after the shower. 
♥ Fun, gentle, caring, soft, chocolaty body wash

♥ Your skin will love this gentle, creamy experience
♥ And the soft, cared-for sensation after the shower
♥ Not to mention the lingering, haunting chocolaty aroma
♥ 100% soap-free and SLS-free. And always free of parabens and phthalates
Time to indulge 
And say goodbye to soap.
Works best with a bath sponge/loofah.
Valentine's Day Giveaway Announcement!!!

2) Choco-Latte Luxuriant Body Lotion (200ml):Real cocoa butter and silken moisturizing complex. With its indulgent aroma and silky texture, we would do well to remind you that this stuff is only for your skin to drink, and therefore strictly inedible! 
Never-before silky texture. Soft, light moisturization that your skin needs!

♥ Antioxidant cocoa butter for younger, brighter looking skin
♥ Haunting chocolate aroma that lingers
♥ Convenient pump pack that dispenses only what you need
Pity, it's not edible.
Valentine's Day Giveaway Announcement!!!
If you like chocolate, you will love this. A lovely pairing of Choco-Latte Creamy Body Wash and Luxuriant Body Lotion for indulgent, loving care in the shower and out of it.
Rules For this Giveaway : 
a) This giveaway is open only for Indian Residents.
b)The giveaway is open till February 14th and winners will  be announced with in 1 week after the contest ends. 
c)Participants above age 18 are eligible for this giveaway,underage participants can participate after taking permission or under the supervision of their parents.
d) Prize will be shipped directly to the winner by plum.

To enter into this Giveaway,you need to complete the following  steps.

1) Like Sriz Beauty Blog on Facebook.You Can do it by clicking here.

2)Like Plum Page on FaceBook.You Can do it by clicking here.

3)Follow Me on Twitter.You can do it here.

4)Follow Plum on Twitter.You can do it here.

5)  Answer the simple question below and one with best answer will be chosen as the Winner.

Q) For this valentine's Day,if you have to pamper your skin with the goodness of 3 plum products,which products do you pick and why?

All the answers should contain #plumgoodness  hashtag in it.

Check out the Plum Products here.

You can share the post on your facebook wall or tweet about this giveaway on  Twitter to get extra points!!!
All the Best to you all :)

Thank you so much each and everyone for participating. Loved reading your answers.As there is only one prize....I need to select only one winner,which is a very big task for me,as all the answers are equally good.

Finally after counting all the extra points I have selected Heer Jalundhwala as the winner for this Valentine Giveaway.

Congratulations Heer Jalundhwala!!!

And those who did not win the contest need not worry as there is a Mega Giveaway Coming up with multiple Winners.Stay Tuned!!!

*The images are from the google  source and I do not own them.

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