Sunday, March 1, 2015

Apne Parivar ko Apne dum pe Jeena Sikhao

Life is a never ending journey and we meet several people in this journey at different stages. Few people continue throughout our life, where as some people remain as a memory. But very few people in our life guide us in a right way and help us grow into a better and self-reliant person. In my life; my Mother played an important role in making me a successful person. She encouraged me in every phase of my life .

Apne Parivar ko Apne dum pe Jeena Sikhao

From my childhood, Mathematics is one subject which always troubled me and I always used to get very less marks. And the situation became much worst when I reached 10 th standard, where I am unable to get even pass marks in the internals. My teachers and parents were so worried for me, as  it is a public examination and a base for everything.

Apne Parivar ko Apne dum pe Jeena Sikhao

I have hardly 1 month time left for my final exams and my mathematics teacher told my parents that he cannot assure anymore about my success in exam. Then my mother took the responsibility, started teaching each and every topic from the basics and she tried to explain in the most easiest way possible .She did a lot of ground work to solve the problems in a most simple method, so that I can remember well in the exam. She used to pick some important problems from each and every topic and made me to practice them thoroughly. For that entire month, she struggled a lot,managing both household work and my schedule. Even sometimes,she used to prepare the important questions list sitting through out the night with out sleeping.Finally as a result of my mother’s hard work and faith in me I got the highest marks in mathematics, which helped me in a lot in my studies as well as in developing the self confidence in me.
Apne Parivar ko Apne dum pe Jeena Sikhao
And when I completed my graduation and applied for my post-graduation. I got a seat in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological university in Hyderabad, which is far away from my place and I have to stay in a hostel and leave my home for the first time. She is the only one to support me , when the whole family members rejected in sending me to Hyderabad.She even argued with my father many times on this matter. My mother was also so worried about me from inside but never showed it on her face, instead she taught me how to live independently as well  as how to face the most difficult situations bravely without depending on others. She gave me all the freedom to live myself with out depending on her or others. From then on wards, I never looked back and I am always in a top ranker list. 

Even now,when ever I am unable to decide on something,she will help me in taking the right decision.Today I am a proud daughter of a wonderful Mother. She is everything to me and a role model for ever. I wish her long life with good health and happiness.

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