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Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review

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   Today I am reviewing Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil,which I received sometime back.I have already did a first impressions post for it here.This oil is enriched with a combination of WinterCherry,Turmeric and Saffron.
Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review
What the Brand Says : 
Auravedic is a natural beauty brand which sources and uses only the best local natural ingredients. We are inspired by the ancient knowledge of the Vedas and use this knowledge to harness the cleansing and cosmetic properties of natural ingredients. We use the purest natural processes and ingredients so as to bring the body, mind and soul into a harmonious balance. 
We respect all life and are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. Auravedic today works with some of the most respected labs in the country along with renowned Ayurvedic experts and wellness professionals. All of our products have been perfected after thorough consumer feedback & research; and we continue to learn from our customers, developing unique products that consumers require. 

As a result Auravedic today is gaining popularity for the highest concentration of natural ingredients and for the effectiveness of their performance.For more details You can check out here and here.
Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review

Price : INR 250
Quantity : 100 ml
Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review
Packaging : It comes in a Transparent bottle packaging with  a inner lid and a screw cap with labels on either sides with all the required information over it .
Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review
Color and Texture : This is a pale yellow colored oil with few saffron strands.
Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review
What the product Claims : 
This Powerful skin oil provides the purest,most natural and effective way of reducing dark spots & pigmentation,delivering essential nutrients into your skin's Upper layers.Revealing lighter,brighter,radiant and youthful looking skin.
Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review
Directions : Gently massage every morning & night on clean skin using upward circular movements.
Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review
Ingredients :Saffron oil,Withania Somifera Extract,Curcumin oil,Licorice extract,Orange oil,Curcuma longa oil,Chamomile oil,Piper Betel extract,Laksha oil,Cedrus Deodara oil,Saussurea Lappa oil,Katuki  oil,Rasna extract,Shatawa oil,Vitamin E,Coconut oil,Lime oil,Alium Cepa Extract.
Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review
Availability : Available  in few online stores.You can buy it from here.

My View On the Product :   I do have uneven skin tone and few dark spots here and there on my face caused due to sun tan and acne.I have been using this oil from past 25 days regularly in the evening with a light massaging in upward circular motion to the entire face and neck.It can be used in the morning too but to the time constraint I am not using in the morning time.I leave it for 30 mins and then rinse with luke warm water and then I will continue my night skin care regimen.This is a very light oil and doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the face.It can be left overnight too if you wish,as it gets absorbed completely into the skin and does not stain the clothes.It helped me a lot in lightening the pimple marks as well as in removing the tan.I also use this oil on the elbows and knees,It helps in nourishing the dry skin and lightening the skin.This oil is enriched with the goodness of many powerful ingredients like saffron, turmeric, orange, lime, chamomile oils,which are known for lightening the skin.It also helps in soothing the skin from rashes and irritations.It also contains coconut oil which helps in hydrating and nourishing the skin.It is free from parabens and other harmful ingredients and is quite affordable.The best thing about this oil is the refreshing fragrance,which instantly uplifts the mood.
Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil Review
Pros Of Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil  :
  1. Light weight
  2. Absorbs completely into the skin on light massaging
  3. Helps in lightening the skin and removing dark spots on continuous usage
  4. Nourishes and hydrates the skin
  5. Removes tan to a great extent
  6. Uplifting fragrance
  7. Contains the goodness of Saffron,turmeric,chamomile,orange,lime oil.
  8. Free Of Parabens
  9. No  animal testing
  10. Non-allergic
  11. Hand made
  12. 100 % vegan
  13. Very affordable
  14. Travel friendly packaging
  15. Soothes irritation and redness
Cons Of Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil  :
  1. Limited availability

Sriz Rating : 4.7/5

Final Conclusion about Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil : Those who needs a good skin lightening oil which helps in lightening the black spots and  helps in removing the tan  at an affordable price,should give this a try!!!

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