Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blogiversary Giveaway Series 3 Announcement!!!


   Finally its time to announce the  Blogiversary Giveaway Series 3!!! As I have said in my previous Series 1 and 2,this Series 3 is also completely  organic giveaway sponsored by Aster Luxury Soaps!!!
 Blogiversary Giveaway Series 3 Announcement!!!
About Aster Luxury Soaps :Aster Luxury handmade bathing bars are premium bathing soaps which are designed for those who nourish their skin naturally. Aster bathing bars are blended for enhancing specific skin types, as every individual's skin is not the same. These luxury soaps are skin healthy, soothing and provide natural protection to the skin. Aster bathing bars retain all the possible benefits of herbs and essential oils.
Aster luxury handmade soaps use natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Sorbitol, Castor Oil, Myristic Acid etc.The Essential Oils & Fragrances used in Aster Luxury bathing bars are sourced from authentic manufacturers & used only after going through stringent quality control methods. Aster handmade soaps use strong percentage of essential oils thus the lingering fragrance lasts much longer.

To know more about Aster Luxury Bathing Soaps.You can check out their Website as well as their Facebook Page

 Blogiversary Giveaway Series 3 Announcement!!!

I have already reviewed few soaps  on the blog before....You can check them out here.

 There will be 2 winners for this series and each winner will receive one gift box containing 6 bathing bars from Aster.
 Blogiversary Giveaway Series 3 Announcement!!!
Rules For this Giveaway : 
a) This giveaway is open only for Indian Residents.
b)The giveaway is open till April 15th and winners will  be announced with in 1 week after the contest ends. 
c)Participants above age 18 are eligible for this giveaway,underage participants can participate after taking permission or under the supervision of their parents.
d) Prize will be shipped by Me.

To enter into this Giveaway,you need to complete the following  steps.

1) Like Sriz Beauty Blog on Facebook.You Can do it by clicking here.

2)Like Aster Luxury Soaps Page on FaceBook. You Can do it by clicking here.

3)Follow Me on Twitter.You can do it here 

4)Follow Aster on Twitter.You can do it here.

5)  Follow Me on Instagram. You can do it here.

6) Follow Me on Pinterest.You can do it here.

7) Follow Aster on Pinterest.You can do it here.

8) Share about this Giveaway on your Facebook wall, Retweet about this giveaway on Twitter and Repost  about this on Instagram.

The more you share,the more your chances of winning.

This is all about the third and final series!!!

Comment on this blog post once you have done all the steps!!! 

* Earlier we have announced that only those who participates in the series 1 and 2 are allowed for this Series 3,but now that is not required,any one can participate in this Series 3!!!

You can also in the Series 2 till March 31st

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