Thursday, March 19, 2015

Delicious Singaporean Kueh Tutu!!!


When we think of Singapore, The first thing we get in mind is the delicious dishes like the chicken rice, chili crab, char Kway Teow etc., but there are #FarMoreSingapore dishes to explore!!! 

I have tried many traditional as well as the contemporary and experimental dishes in the Singapore and the one dish which I would like to have again and again is the Kueh Tutu, which is a Traditional Singaporean Delicacy and reminds me of the Indian Idli in look but these are the snacks which are sweet in taste.
Delicious Singaporean Kueh Tutu!!!

These are prepared from made from rice flour or glutinous flour. It is filled with either shredded coconut or ground peanut. It is then placed on pandan leaf for that added aroma.
Delicious Singaporean Kueh Tutu!!!
These are made by steaming rice flour in a special mold.
Delicious Singaporean Kueh Tutu!!!
1) First the mold is filled with finely pounded flour. Then a portion of the filling is taken out to make space for the filling.
2) The filling can be of  grated coconut or ground peanuts or a combination of both. The grated coconut is  fried on low heat over several hours and sweetened with gula Melaka (palm sugar).
3) Another layer of rice flour is added to seal the filling and the cake tipped over onto a muslin cloth placed on the steamer. 
4) The cakes take on the flower-like shape of the mold. Placed on a cut Pandanus leaf before serving, they acquire a sweet flavor and scent. The flour is slightly sweetened so the cakes taste just as good, even without feeling too.
Delicious Singaporean Kueh Tutu!!!
And these Kueh Tutu tastes amazing and delicious and these are absolutely a feast to the taste buds!!!

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