Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lakme School Of Style!!!


  Lakme School Of Style is the India's first Fashion Video Magazine which has been launched by #fame,India’s leading talent led digital network,in association with Lakme,a few months back and  Karan Johar is the Chief Editor.To know more about it you can check out, where you can find amazing videos on the latest trends and happenings from the  fashion world,social issues ,Lakme reinvent Zone,Karan Johar's Style secrets  and many more.

My two favorite videos from  #LakmeSchoolOfStyle are :

1) How to Nail The Selfie Make up by Sukhneet Wadhwa : These days who don't love to take selfies? I love to take my selfies every now and then,but most of the time, I use a filter to cover up the flaws of my look and sometimes to enhance the look.But after watching this '' How to Nail The Selfie Make up'' video,there is no need to use a filter at all.  This is one of the best useful videos I have watched lately and this is a video about #nofilter Makeup Tutorial by  Sukhneet Wadhwa, who is a beauty blogger for the  #LakmeSchoolOfStyle. She explained everything right  from the cleansing the face till the final look in a super simple way using the affordable Lakme skin care and make up Products and the method of application using very few brushes..She not only explains about the product application but also mentions the use of that particular product in detail along with tips to use it effectively.For the first time, I heard about using a wash cloth for cleansing.She also gave tips and tricks for the precised application of  eye liner for a perfect selfie look.The best thing about this look is that,it is very simple as well as quite affordable as all the products used in this look are from Lakme itself.I can happily follow this tutorial as I own most of the Lakme products used here.

2) The Best Ever Contouring Tutorial by Sahibba Anand : This is the super hit video for this March month,where Sahibba Anand explains how to contour and highlight the face in a easy - peasy method as a part of the March Theme ''Sculpting your look and Image'' .I have seen many Contouring and highlighting videos before and this is the best one among them. Sahibba Anand is the Make up and Beauty Blogger for the  #LakmeSchoolOfStyle. In this video she clearly demonstrated the exact meaning and the importance of both contouring and highlighting in creating the depth as well as enhancing or making an area prominent.For me contouring and highlighting is always a bit confusing especially in the nose as well as on jaw line,but after watching this video,I got a clear idea of doing it.This is surely the Best Ever Contouring Tutorial I have seen.A hug thanks to Sahibba and #LakmeSchoolOfStyle for this wonderful video.It will surely help many bloggers as well as girls who want to master the art of Contouring!!!

There are many other videos I liked from the You too can watch some cool videos on this channel.Do let me know your take on these videos!!!

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