Monday, April 13, 2015

A Special Gesture!!!

During the span of our life, we come across with so many experiences, heartfelt happenings. We ever think of those reminiscences. I would like to reveal one touching scene from those recollections for having a good relaxation.
A Special Gesture!!!
Rekha is my childhood friend and we both studied from Class 1 to 10 together in the same school and during plus 1 she joined in mathematics group and I joined in science group but in the same college. She is the college topper in both plus 1 and plus 2.Later, she got a good rank in an entrance exam and she joined in a good Engineering college and she is the college topper in the Engineering too. After her engineering, her father got transferred and they shifted to another state and I missed her contact from many years. 

Recently, when I went to one of my friend’s wedding, I saw Rekha after a long time and  was shocked to know that she was leading a very bad economic life. And I came to know that her father was suffering from a serious illness, because of which he took a voluntary retirement and Rekha is the only earning person in the entire family. She did not get a relevant job and was working in a very small company which pays very less. I thought of helping her by giving some money, but she refused to take and scolded me for doing so. I was unable to help her and felt very bad.

At this juncture, I unexpectedly met one industrialist who promised me to give good and relevant job to Rekha. But I did not tell anything about the job to her, instead I asked her to come to my home for my birthday party. When she tried to convey her wished to me, surprisingly I gave the appointment letter to her, which I received from the Industrialist. On seeing the appointment order,  she could not believe her eyes,busted to tears and she hugged me as token of gratitude. And from that day,she never looked back and she got married recently and was leading a happy life.

I am also happy for helping her and making her happy.She thanks me and praises me every time she meets me.I love to make her happy always and she too loves me back so much.This is one of my recollections where I followed my heart to make my friend happy and there is nothing in this world which can makes us happy than helping our friends who are in need of us.
A Special Gesture!!!
So,follow your heart,go ahead and make some one feel special through your words or a simple gesture or a gift and see the MAGIC that follows!!!

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