Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Special Gift!!!


     A few incidents in our life are inerasable and unforgettable, exist in our reminiscences permanently whereas, some incidents we never remember in our life. In this way we come across with so many happenings in our daily life. In reality we face some incidents with much difficulty and some with much ease.
A Special Gift!!!
However, we have to be prepared to face any type of situation or incident or happening in our life. As they teach us the different lessons in our life. We are doomed to face various incidents which we will mold as per the situation. Fluctuations in our life are quite natural and we are accustomed to meet those ups and downs in our life. Out of those situations, fluctuations, happenings and incidents, I have one most heart touching unforgettable incident to reveal. 

Once, I went to my aunt's house where her son Arun was studying some old books and I inquired why he was studying such old books (of Engineering Course) instead of new ones. I really felt very much on hearing the reply from my Aunt. According to her, Arun was working as a paperboy in the early morning to meet the expenses of his Engineering study including the cost of books. Presently that  paper boy job also gone as he has no own cycle to distribute the paper.

At this juncture, my aunt's husband who is working as a teacher in a private institution has not been receiving salary for the last 3 months. They could not even run their routine life. Their family is fasting almost every two days due to the lack of money to purchase even the rice.

This situation touched me like anything and immediately I purchased some food items and arranged essential commodities to them. But to my surprise, they did not accept .I knows them from my childhood, they never expose their real situation even though they are fasting. They are very self-respected persons and really proud of them as I saw many people who are ready to accept anything if they get it freely.

Then I got an idea and ordered a bicycle, engineering books and other grocery items from Snap deal and gave my Aunt's house Address for delivery address. The complete order reached them within 2-3 days and they accepted them as they do not know who gifted them. So, in this way I followed my heart and made my Aunt's family feel special and happy without revealing my name.
A Special Gift!!!
So,follow your heart,go ahead and make some one feel special through your words or a simple gesture or a gift and see the MAGIC that follows!!!

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