Sunday, April 19, 2015

Everything that's Wrong With Ads Today!!!

Now-a-days, televisions have become a part and parcel of our life and occupy the second or third position in the most important gadgets in the daily life. Mobile phones and laptops being in the first and second positions respectively. They are not only a source of entertainment but also a source of publicity. Sometimes, when we watch some movie or an interesting cricket match, suddenly a heroine or a hero appears in between holding a bottle of their favorite cool drink and starts doing the most frightening stunts to get that bottle. It will take some time for us to understand that it is not a part of the movie or match that we are watching, but it is a part of some commercial Ad film.

Have you ever think of Ramesh and Suresh, the famous characters in one of the chocolate Ads!!! Whenever  I and my brother watch that Ad, we keep on laughing for a very long time. There are many versions of this Ad. The most funniest one is the one where Ramesh and Suresh goes to a tailor shop to make some alterations to their dad's Pant but when they start eating the chocolate they just forget themselves and becomes ecstatic, finally making their dad's trouser into a short. On one side its funny but the other side it’s just meaning less. How can one forget them by just eating a chocolate???
Everything that's Wrong With Ads Today!!!
And in another chocolate Ad, the journalist comes for an interview with a hero and the hero's assistant tells the journalist that he is busy. But when the journalist opens and starts eating the chocolate, the hero himself comes to her leaving his shooting to eat that chocolate. What kind of craziness is this???....Just for a chocolate, hero simply leaves his shooting and simply sits and eats the chocolate!!!

Everything that's Wrong With Ads Today!!!
And some ads are just meaning less and so funniest. Recently I have been watching a series of Ads related to a mobile network, where a different community people starts learning everything by themselves without going to college or school by just simply browsing with that particular mobile network alone. I do not understand how come a mobile network alone can help them in learning everything??? When someone who does not use the mobile phone with that particular network can also learn anything from the internet right? Then how can they advertise in such a meaning less way??? These days we can watch many ads which are wrong!!!

Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore ads. They are everywhere – from TV to the Web, and come in all shapes and sizes. Which is a good thing, because more the ads, the more you can blog about them. Tell us your favourites or your most hated ones, brag about which ad you could have made better and even talk about all the celebrities endorsing everything from toothpaste to luxury sedans!

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