Friday, April 10, 2015

Lilac The Oatmeal Hand Made Soap Review


   Today I am reviewing  one more Lilac Hand Made Soap,which is their The Oatmeal variant.This has an amazing mint fragrance which instantly refreshes the mind.
Lilac The Oatmeal Hand Made Soap Review
What the Brand Says :''We at Lilac Soaps take immense pride in the quality of our products. We carefully choose highest quality ingredients. Our handmade soaps are better than the rest because we use natural vegetable oils & natural butters.The main oil used in our soap is Olive Oil rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. We add Coconut oil to create fluffy lather & Cocoa and Shea butter for its superior moisturizing abilities and Castor oil for creamy lather formation. We scent and color our soaps with essential oils, fragrance oils, natural herbs, mica colorants and Cosmetic Grade FDA approved colors. Essential oils are made from tree, plant, flower, herbs which carry known therapeutic properties alongside their scent.''
 You can check out  their face book  page as well as their a Website.
Lilac The Oatmeal Hand Made Soap Review
Price : INR 80
Quantity : 100 gm
Lilac The Oatmeal Hand Made Soap Review
Packaging :It comes in an simple yet attractive plastic cover wrapping with a label having all the information about the soap.
Lilac The Oatmeal Hand Made Soap Review
Color and Texture : This is a cream colored textured soap.
Lilac The Oatmeal Hand Made Soap Review
What the Product Claims :
Ever thought of bathing with Oats?Soak yourself in our healthy “The Oatmeal” soap. Oats exfoliate and brighten up the skin.Peppermint oil gives a refreshing blast from head to toe.Last but not the least, Cocoa butter moisturizes the skin to give the ultimate glow.
Lilac The Oatmeal Hand Made Soap Review
Availability : Available  only from their website.You can buy it here.
Lilac The Oatmeal Hand Made Soap Review
Ingredients : Olive OilCoconut OilCastor Oil, cocoa butter,Kokum butter,Peppermint oil, Titanium Dioxide
Lilac The Oatmeal Hand Made Soap Review
My View On the Product :
The first thing to describe about this Oatmeal soap is the super Refreshing Peppermint fragrance.The soap is cream colored soap with oats embedded i it.It lathers well with creamy foam.It cleanses the skin thoroughly making it clean and radiant.It moisturizes the skin well with out making it dry.It is loaded with the  goodness of essential oils like coconut oil,castor oil,olive oil,lemon oil along with honey,Cocoa butter etc.,It does not melt easily and one soaps will easily lasts longer.It is a huge soap,so better to cut into pieces,so that it lasts still longer.As it is free from artificial hardeners or synthetic preservatives,it needs to be dried well after use or else it may loose the shape.It is free from harmful ingredients,synthetic colors and fragrances.It is handmade and completely natural.It is very reasonably priced.
Lilac The Oatmeal Hand Made Soap Review
Pros Of Lilac The Oatmeal  Handmade Soap  :
  1. Cleanses the skin thoroughly
  2. Makes skin clear and radiant
  3. Mild and gentle on the skin
  4. No stretchy feel
  5. Easy to rinse and does not leave residue behind
  6. Moisturizes the skin well
  7. Does not dry out the skin
  8. Free from harmful ingredients, synthetic colors & fragrances
  9. Lathers well
  10. Cruelty free
  11. Refreshing mint fragrance
  12. little goes a long way
  13. Lathers decently
  14. Attractive packaging
  15. Super affordable
  16. Handmade
Cons Of Lilac The Oatmeal  Handmade Soap  :
  1. Limited availability
  2. Needs a little care after usage
Sriz Rating : 4.9/5

Final Conclusion about Lilac The Oatmeal  Handmade Soap: Those who are searching for a super refreshing soap for this summers at a affordable price should try this!!!

*PR Sample : However it did not effect my opinion!

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