Thursday, April 2, 2015

Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review


    Today I am reviewing one more wonderful product from Shudhvi Naturals,which is their  Splendour  Hair Oil,which is a nutritive boost for hair and is 100% pure and natural.
Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review
What the Brand Says : 

At Shudhvi we believe in the power of nature and purity which inspires us to make each of our products with high quality natural ingredients and rich moisturizing oils to deliver the best in skin care. Every step is made with utmost care and passion. They are made in small batches in cold process method to ensure the quality of each product. 

     Our Products contain high percentage of natural oils and are scented with pure essential oils making it a luxurious treat for the skin leaving it soft, healthy and smooth.  It is formulated with the combination of ingredients chosen for their most skin benefitting factor which nourishes as it moisturizes. They do not take away the natural oils present in the skin while enhancing the skin texture naturally.We do not use artificial colors or additives like parabens etc.,

For more details You can check out here and here.
Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review
Price : INR 315
Quantity : 100 ml
Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review
Packaging : It comes in a sturdy travel friendly bottle with a flip cap inside a carton.
Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review
Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review 
Color and Texture : This is a pale yellow colored oil,which looks abit darker in the bottle.
Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review
What the product Claims : Rich and luxurious hair care oil containing over 25 herbs, flowers and natural ingredients known for contributing to a lustrous, thick, shiny, soft and healthy hair, along with an improved complexion and skin tone right from the first use.It effectively promotes hair growth, keeps the scalp fresh, free of dandruff, infections and reduces hair fall significantly.No artificial colours, fragrance, parabens, preservatives or additives.
Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review
Ingredients : Extracts from Natural herbs, Flowers and Natural Oils.
Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review
Availability : Available  in few online stores.You can buy it from here.

Directions For use : Apply and leave over night or minimum 1 hour.
Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review
My View On the Product :   I have been using this oil from almost 2 months twice a week and it helped me a lot in reducing hair fall.This oil is neither too thick nor light and has a mild therapeutic fragrance which is not overwhelming.A very little is needed every time,if you apply excess,you may feel it a bit heavy.The best time to use this oil is before going to bed as it gives a nice  cooling and relaxation to the head.It gets rinsed off easily with out leaving any residue behind.It makes hair soft and shiny.It also adds a bit of bounce to the hair.It suits all types of hair.It is 100% natural and is free from parabens and other harmful ingredients.It comes in a sturdy and travel friendly bottle which is very easy and comfortable to use.
Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil Review
Pros Of Shudhvi Naturals  Splendour Hair Oil   :
  1. Helps in reducing hair fall to great extent
  2. 100% natural
  3. A little goes a long way
  4. Free Of Parabens
  5. No  animal testing
  6. Non-allergic
  7. Hand made
  8. 100 % vegan
  9. Suits all types of hair
  10. Travel friendly packaging
Cons Of Shudhvi Naturals  Splendour Hair Oil   :
  1. Limited availability
  2. A bit pricey
  3. No complete ingredient list
Sriz Rating : 4.5/5

Final Conclusion about Shudhvi Naturals Splendour Hair Oil  : Those who are searching for a 100 % natural and  multi purpose hair oil,can surely give this a try!

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