Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Inseparable Combo- Love and Pepsi at #CrashThePepsiIPL !!!


   When I watched the ads created by different people for #CrashThePepsiIPL, most of them revolved around the concept of love, friendship and relationship. The best thing is that every ad is unique with new and creative thoughts. I appreciate the enthusiasm of all the participants. Every one tried to present their theme and concept in their own way. I have added many ads to the my Hit list and I loved watching each and every ad.
The Inseparable Combo- Love and Pepsi at  #CrashThePepsiIPL !!!
If I have to pick some ads, I would definitely pick the ads involving the concept of Love, because I enjoyed watching them more compared to others. Some ads are really interesting and impressive. I am sharing a few videos which proved Love and Pepsi as an Inseparable concept. They tried to convey the message in their own style.

1) One of the most creative ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL is the 'Love the Moment' Ad created by Elantheandral Thangavel, where he shows how a Pepsi can help in bringing the lovers together after a break up. He showed the entire thing in a very creativity way using only the sandals and Pepsi, without the need of anything else. I was awestruck when I saw this ad for the first time.

2)  A cute love proposal Ad 'Pepsi Love' created by Shabbir Azad is one among my favorite ads where he showed how a Pepsi can change everything including the mood of a girl. In this ad a girl gets angry on his boyfriend and he tries to impress her by giving a rose, but he couldn't change her mood. Finally he offers her a bottle of Pepsi, which she accepts without any second thought. That is how a Pepsi can change the mood of any one and makes them happy is what the concept of this Ad is!

3) Another creative Ad which we loved watching is the 'What's Your Story?' Ad created by Deepak raj, where a lady writes all her happy moments along with the date on the empty Pepsi bottles which they drank on those particular special occasions and hangs them like a wall decors. This Ad shows how a Pepsi contribute to the happiness of people on their memorable moments.

4) One more time Rachna R Shelar created a wonderful ad with the concept of love proposal in her ad 'Pepsi Black & White’. This is the cutest love proposal ever!!!Where a girl asks a boy, what he wants A Coffee or a Tea or Her? Then he simply replies only Pepsi and nothing else, which makes her love him more and this ad shows how a Pepsi can make a proposal more memorable and successful one more time. 

These are some of the ads that showed The Inseparable Combo- Love and Pepsi, which we liked,What about you all?Which Ad did you like from #CrashThePepsiIPL?

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