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The Inspiring Story Of RK!!!


   Many of us have the habit of complaining about a lot of things on a daily basis, starting from the traffic, climate, government and we often complain about ourselves too. We may have temporary relief in this way from the problem but that does not solve the problem. Instead of wasting so much of time in complaining, we can utilize that precious time in understanding and solving the problem. Sometimes, there may be situations where we lack motivation or with no strike to keep going, but that is not the end of the life or end of the world. We need to face the challenges bravely and should learn from negatives to lead a positive and successful life!!!

There are many people in this world  like Hellen Keller, Stephen Hawking, Franklin Roosevelt, Sudha Chandran, Malini Bhandari etc., who are physically challenged yet proved themselves and ruled the world!!! There are many people in our India, who are fighting against their disabilities to prove themselves. One such person is the Narayan Rama Krishna popularly known as RK, a cerebral palsy patient who turned his misfortune around by working hard to master the art of painting with his feet. His  willpower is truly exceptional.
The Inspiring Story Of RK!!!
When RK was taken to a pediatrician at the age of six months, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which is a group of permanent movement disorders caused by abnormal development or damage to the parts of the brain that control movement, balance and posture,  that appear in early childhood.Check out the video below to know more about him.


For several months RK lived in a rehabilitation Centre, but that showed only a little improvement in his condition. But RK did not give up the hope and took his misfortune as an opportunity and trained himself to find a way to paint, which he always wished he could. With great will power, he learned how to do it with his foot. He may be dependent on others for everything else including being fed but he has that one skill to paint, which he manages so well. Because of his strong determination, he finally succeeded and started painting before 1990'S.''Hard Work'' is the only word, which he says whenever anyone asks him about his success. 

So,this is the inspiring story of RK,who is an inspiration not only to the entire art fraternity but also for the whole society. Today he is one of the few and one of the best foot painters in the country. He has been a member of MFPA (Mouth & Foot Painters Artists) since 1990.He is the perfect example to prove that greatness is part skill and part will power.
The Inspiring Story Of RK!!!
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