Sunday, April 26, 2015

Winsome Ads to #CrashThePepsiIPL !!!

Recently I met my old friend Sneha, as she came to India from U.K. after many years.we discussed about many things right from our chit chats, imitating lectures, ragging juniors, bunking classes to watch movies and most importantly about our all-time favorite drink Pepsi. We had a lot of memories with Pepsi. During our combined studies, Pepsi used to be our companion throughout the night. We started memorizing all those happy moments and suddenly #CrashThePepsiIPL activity came into my mind. Immediately I told Sneha about this wonderful initiative by Pepsi, where people have a chance to create their own Ad with Pepsi and if it is chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL and not only that they can even win 1 lakh Rupees. Then Sneha and I started watching the Ads created by various people for #CrashThePepsiIPL. All the Ads are good but some Ads are too good and winsome. We started adding our favorite ads to the hit list on the Crashthepepsiipl website.

Most of the Ads are super creative and we loved watching them. People tried to create the Ads with different themes and situations like:

1)  Pepsi for Perfect Proposal: This Perfect Proposal Ad was created by Sachin Jain. In this Ad he showed about how a Pepsi can make up the perfect proposal gift and how it helps in making the relationship successful. In this the boy proposes to his girlfriend by giving the Pepsi as a gift and without any second thought the girl accepts his proposal. This is a very simple and connective add and one of our favorite Ad.

2)Pepsi for Stress Relieving : This Stress Bhagaao Ad was created by Rajat Subhra Bhattacharjee and this add reminded us about our college days, where we too used to enjoy the companion of pepsi while reading. He showed this concept in a super simple way and very understandable way. This is also among our favorite Ads.

3) Pepsi to cool your Boss: This Ad was created by Arulselvan, where he showed how a Pepsi can cool up the mood of your Boss. In this Ad, when a female employee tried to impress the boss with her looks, a male employee draws all his Boss attention towards him simply with a bottle of Pepsi. Such a lovely add and we really enjoyed watching it.

4) Pepsi for Refreshing, Recharging and Restarting: This Ad was created by Vinay Kumar. In this add he shows how a pepsi can refresh your mind, recharge your brain and restart your life and how it helps in getting back the lost desires in a simple connecting way. This is such an impressive Ad and we loved it!!!

5) Pepsi In any Mood Every Mood : This Ad was created by Krishna Rao, where he showed how a pepsi serves well in any mood, it can even make you close after a fight and it can make you closer any time and in any mood. Such a lovely ad, we enjoyed watching it.

These Ads made by the enthusiastic people are very creative, fun, humorous and lovely. We couldn't stop watching them. This #CrashThePepsiIPL is an amazing initiative from Pepsi, which helped in bring out the hidden talents of many people.

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