Sunday, April 19, 2015

Worst Video Ads I have seen!!!

Now-a-days we behold a variety of ads in the TVs and other media . Any Ad should give a real Áppeal'  ( What they want to convey to the public). But many Ads fail to give such Áppeal'. Recently I watched one Ad in Television between movie breaks where they want to highlight/exaggerate their network over the other networks. The way they appealed is very nasty and does not entice any onlooker as such they they will get negative results.Hence,the Ad agencies should have sound mind to bring the appeal of the products nearer to the minds of public.Unless they reach the minds and heart of public,their huge investments in preparing very big ads will be poured into ash.

I have seen a bunch of worst Videos recently,which does not relate in any way to the actual product.
One such ad is a chocolate add where one turns into/behaves like a hero or heroine when he or she is hungry!!!What is Sonam and Rekha doing there in that ad.What the ad is trying to convey....How come normal people behave like super stars when they are hungry?

And one more ad is a deo spray ad where boy & girl starts dancing and romancing on the escalator in the public,which does not have any sense!!! We cannot watch such kind of ads in front of parents or elders.What does the ad wants to convey us??? Is it a body spray or a sensual  spray?

In another deo in which it claims of having no gas in it but all other deos are just gas cylinders!!!

One of the topmost ad in this category is a tooth paste ad,asking every one whether there is salt in their tooth paste.What does salt do in a tooth paste???and there are several other tooth paste ads which are simply with out any sense!!!

Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore ads. They are everywhere – from TV to the Web, and come in all shapes and sizes. Which is a good thing, because more the ads, the more you can blog about them. Tell us your favourites or your most hated ones, brag about which ad you could have made better and even talk about all the celebrities endorsing everything from toothpaste to luxury sedans!

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