Monday, May 18, 2015

Mom you are #MyFirstExpert!!!

My mother played a significant role in my life. She taught me everything about life  and how to keep loving through the good and the bad .When I was 13 I understood that my mother loved me unconditionally. The moment I lost my mother’s ring (that my grandmother gave to her) I thought she was going to get angry and even beat me for the thing I’ve done. I had never seen my mother so angry at me and I began to cry as she was yelling at me;I ran into my room, closed the door, and wept all night. 
Mom you are #MyFirstExpert!!!

  The next day my mom walked into my room and told me she was sorry with the most regretful look on her face. I knew my mother was truly sorry. As we hugged in closure, she started to cry on my shoulder. I told my mom I will do anything to find it, but my mothers response was "That ring will never amount to how much I love you". I will forever be amazed about my mothers love and care for me. 

She is also incredible at getting things done. It does not matter of the situation, my mother always comes through with whatever was needed. She puts others needs before hers and I love that about her. Whenever someone asks for something, she is always the first one to deliver. My mother being the caring person she is, offers to go buy them water from a store near by. I will never understand how big her heart is, but I hope my heart takes after hers.

  My mother is my best friend. Like all best friends she gives me the best advice. She has always tells me to stop getting mad over the little things, to be more giving, and to strive for greatness. If there is anyone who knows my flaws better than me, it is my mother. She knows exactly how to make my mood change from mad to happy. She is a girl’s best friend and a perfect mother. Day by day I take into consideration the things my mother has taught me. She is my most influential person, not only because she is a loving mother, but because she is an impeccable woman whose wisdom and selflessness carry throughout her family.

Even now, whenever I am unable to decide on something, she will help me in taking the right decision. Today I am a proud daughter of a wonderful Mother. She is everything to me and always #MYFIRSTEXPERT. I wish her long life with good health and happiness.

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