Wednesday, May 20, 2015


A Mother is like another God on this Earth and she is a symbol for unending love and caring. Mom is the first word which we speak, when we knew how to speak. Mom is our first expert for everything and for everyone. No one can replace our own mom. She is our first teacher and expert, who teaches us what is right and what is bad. She is the one who cares about us a lot and who loves us more than herself. A mother happily sacrifices anything for the sake of her child. The love of a Mother for her child is priceless and nothing can be compared to her love.
Like all others, for me also my mom is the most important person in my life. She is the one to direct me through the right path and I always ask for the advice of her for every important step in my life, it may be about anything like studies or friends or marriage. She has taught me everything that is important for leading a successful life. She also gave me the freedom in choosing my own carrier without any restrictions. She made me feel like a princess all the time. My mom, sometimes even argued with my father in order to support me. There are many wonderful memories for me with my mom. I am sharing a few with you all.

From my childhood, Mathematics is one subject which always troubled me and I always used to get very less marks. And the situation became much worst when I reached 1oth standard, where I am unable to get even pass marks in the internals. I have hardly 1 month time left for my final exams and my mathematics teacher told my parents that he cannot assure anymore about my success in exam. Then my mother took the responsibility, started teaching each and every topic from the basics and she tried to explain in the most easiest way possible. She used to pick some important problems from each and every topic and made me to practice them thoroughly. For that entire month, she struggled a lot, managing both household work and my schedule. Even sometimes, she used to prepare the important questions list sitting throughout the night without sleeping. Finally as a result of my mother’s hard work and faith in me I got the highest marks in mathematics, which helped me in a lot in my studies as well as in developing the self confidence in media. I still remember the happiness in her eyes, after seeing my result. That is one of my most happiest and memorable incident in my life.

And one more memorable incident is  when I completed my graduation and applied for my post-graduation. I got a seat in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad, which is far away from my place and I have to stay in a hostel and leave my home for the first time. She is the only one to support me , when the whole family members rejected in sending me to Hyderabad. She even argued with my father many times on this matter. My mother was also so worried about me from inside but never showed it on her face, instead she taught me how to live independently as well  as how to face the most difficult situations bravely without depending on others. She gave me all the freedom to live myself without depending on her or others. From then on wards, I never looked back and I am always in a top ranker list. 
Even now, whenever I am unable to decide on something, she will help me in taking the right decision. Today I am a proud daughter of a wonderful Mother. She is everything to me and always #MYFIRSTEXPERT. I wish her long life with good health and happiness.

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