Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer Series - Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap Review!!!


    From today onward,every Tuesday I am going to review products related to summer like sunscreens,deodorants,anti-tan products,Oil control products,DIY etc., and today as a part of Summer series,I am reviewing Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap,which is one of their newly launched soaps.I got this soap as a  part of  the gift hamper for participating in one of their Facebook Contests.
Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap Review
About Fuschia :  Fuschia is range of Handmade Natural Beauty by Vkare. 
Currently there are more than 40 variants of soaps, 7 variants of Lip Balms,day creamwith SPF 15,Anti-ageing Night Cream,exfoliating body and face scrub  available under this brand. 
For more details about Fuschia...... You can check out  their face book  page as well as their a Website.
Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap Review
Price : INR 225
Quantity : 100 gm
Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap Review

Packaging :It comes in a simple yet attractive hand made paper wrapping with a plastic film packaging inside for double protection.
Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap Review
Color and Texture : This is a green colored translucent soft soap with white colored micro beads.
Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap Review
What the Product Claims :
Anti-Acne • Moisturizer / Skin Rehydration • Skin Lightening - Cucumber helps lighten the sun burnt skin effectively. • Very effective in removing inflammation and enormous circles under our eyes. • Skin Glow
Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap Review
Availability : Available in few online stores,You can buy it from Flipkart at a great discount here.
Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap Review
My View On the Product :
This soap is a green colored translucent with buttery soft texture.Like all other Fuschia soaps this also does not melt easily and retains its shape till the end.It has a very soothing mixed fragrance of cucumber and aloevera.It lathers decently and cleanses the skin thoroughly with out making it dry.It gives a nice cooling sensation post usage.I have just started using it from few days and it does helped in removing tan on the face as well as on the body.It also helps in reducing the redness and irritation caused due to the sunburn.It is very mild and gentle on facial skin.It also makes the skin brighter on regular usage as it is enriched with skin lightening ingredient cucumber.It is free from parabens and other harmful ingredients.It is cruelty free too.A good cooling and soothing soap for this summers.
Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap Review
Pros Of Fuschia  Cucumber Detox Soap  :
  1. Cleanses the skin very well
  2. Makes skin bright
  3. Helps in preventing and removing Tan
  4. Reduces irritation and redness caused due to sunburn
  5. Does not dry out the skin
  6. No parabens
  7. Cruelty free
  8. Soothing scent
  9. little goes a long way
  10. Lathers decently
  11. Retains its shape till the end
  12. Available easily on most e-commerce sites.
Cons Of Fuschia  Cucumber Detox Soap  :
  1. A bit pricey
Fuschia Cucumber Detox Soap Review
Sriz Rating : 4.7/5

Final Conclusion about Fuschia  Cucumber Detox Soap: Those who are looking for a good soothing soap for this summers, that helps in removing tan and reducing redness,should give this a try.Suits all skin types.

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