Thursday, May 7, 2015

What Is This #EkNayiLeague Kapil is talking about?

         Have you heard of #EkNayiLeague, which Kapil Dev is talking about??? I have been hearing a lot about it from last few days on Twitter. It is always one of the trending topics on twitter these days. I saw many tweets of my friends with their guesses on this, with the hash tag #EkNayiLeague. Some guessed it to be a dance show while some others wrote it as a celebrity game show.
What Is This #EkNayiLeague Kapil is talking about?
     But what is this Ek Nayi League? Why did Kapil Dev join twitter just two weeks before the launch of this Ek Nayi League? Why is there a huge buzz for this? Why it is trending on twitter? Why do people talk so much about this? These are all the questions that come to my mind when I think of this Ek Nayi League! The only clue that I got about this is that Kapil Dev is the face of Ek Nayi League on the Internet and he has been talking to celebrities about how they would fail if they played his Nayi League with all their heart. This may be something related to online and social media channels. He is also pointing his finger on the head in the above poster, giving us a clue about it that it is something related to the brain rather than the heart.

In all the 5 videos on YouTube about this upcoming Ek Nayi League, Kapil Dev has been talking about  different sport persons and celebrities from different games like Cricket, Tennis etc., like Yuvraj Singh, M.S.Dhoni, Sania Mirza and praising them for their contribution to the society and the country. He is also talking about their huge earnings with the help of the sports. He is also asking everyone to follow his Twitter handle @therealkapildev in every video in order to know more about this league. And he is also asking the tweeps about their favorite stars or sports person or celebrities whom they would like to be a part of this league? There is also a contest going on where any one can fill a form with all  their details along with their guess about what do they think of 'Ek Nayi League'?  For a chance to win 1 Lakh Rupees.

My first guess about this Nayi League would be like a Television or online Game show something similar to 'Kaun Banega Crorepathi', where the participants or the celebrities should play the game with their brains and not with their heart. This is my wild guess based on the videos and poster.

And my second guess is that, it can be a television show where every week Kapil Dev interviews various persons from different fields like sports stars, movie stars and other celebrities who have succeeded in their carrier. And my other guess about it is,it can be a fund raising program or it may be a singing or a dancing competition involving sports persons and celebrities. And it can also be just a marketing tactic to attract more followers or it may be a reality show or it can be anything, but I am eagerly waiting for the launch of this Ek Nayi League to know what exactly it is!!!

So, you too keep guessing and post your answers on and also don’t forget to follow Kapil Dev Sir on Twitter.

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