Monday, June 1, 2015

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review!!!


Today I am reviewing Everteen Natural Intimate Wash,which is  made from 100% Natural Actives and is soap free,SLS and SLES free.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review!!!
Price : INR 180
Quantity : 105 ml
Add captionEverteen Natural Intimate Wash Review!!!
Packaging :It comes in a transparent bottle with a pink colored flip card with in a outer carton.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review!!!
Color and Texture : This is a bright yellowish orange colored liquid.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review!!!
What the Product Claims :
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is scientifically designed to promote body's natural vaginal balance and maintain complete vaginal hygiene. It prevents unpleasant and unnatural odors, protects natural pH balance of vagina, relieves vaginal itching & burning.
Prevent unpleasant and unnatural odors: Unpleasant or bad smell from vagina can be very embarrassing for you so much so that it may affect your intimacy with your partner.  This fishy or foul smell can be frustrating sometime as it may leave you feeling unclean and gross as if everybody can smell it. Vaginal odor can be caused by a host of issues like pH balance disruptions or overgrowth of micro-organisms such as anaerobic bacteria or yeast. Everteen with the cleansing properties of its natural ingredients, prevents unpleasant and unnatural vaginal odors so that you stay fresh and confidently clean all the day.
Protect natural pH balance of vagina: A normal vaginal pH balance of 3.5 to 4.5 is important for maintaining good vaginal hygiene. At this optimum pH level, your vagina contains a balance of necessary bacteria and some yeast cells. If the balance of bacteria is disturbed, this can lead to infection and inflammation resulting into itching, irritation and abnormal discharge. Everteen with the revitalizing properties, helps in maintaining the optimum level of pH balance of your vagina.
Relieve vaginal itching & burning: Itching & irritation in an area as sensitive as vagina can be very uncomfortable & painful and it can affect your quality of life. Vaginal itching occurs when delicate vaginal tissues become sore, dry or itchy that is often caused by irritating substances, vaginal infections, or menopause. Everteen with its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, helps in preventing the infection and give you relief from consistent itching or burning in vaginal area
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review!!!
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review!!!

Ingredients : Ficus Glomarata,butea Frondosa,Sphatica,aloevera
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review!!!
Directions : 
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review!!!
Availability : Available in few online stores,You can buy it from here and here 

My View On the Product :
Personal Hygiene plays an important role in the life of a women,especially in the private areas like the vagina.The Vagina has the ability to clean and protect itself from infections with out the need of external care, as long as its Ph is balanced between 3.5 - 4.5 .When this delicate area is treated with soaps or detergents,they can alter the ph balance of vagina leading to harmful infections like vaginal thrush.
  This Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is specially designed to cleanse the vaginal area gently with out  altering its Ph.This is a bright orange colored gel kind of wash with mild floral scent.It lathers well and cleanses the area well.It keeps the intimate area fresh  and odor free all day long.It also relieves vaginal itching and burning sensation.This is made from 100% Natural Actives like Ficus Glomarata,butea Frondosa,Sphatica,aloevera  and is soap free,SLS and SLES free.So, it is completely  safe to use.I have used few other intimate washes before from famous brands like oriflame etc., before but this is the best one,that too at an affordable  price.
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review!!!
Sriz Rating : 4.8/5
Final Conclusion about Everteen Natural Intimate Wash: Those who are searching for a good natural intimate wash at a reasonable price should try this!!!

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