Monday, June 15, 2015

Unexpected #MaxFreshMove!!!

     Dance and music always go hand in hand. It is scientifically proven  that both music and dance will rejuvenate body and mind. It will make us forget about our day-to-day work stress.

    There is no greater pleasure than watching two pros performing together in accord. It would be a treat for all to watch Allu Arjun’s sensational dance moves accompanying with Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice.

           The combination of both these very talented and gifted performers showcasing their talent on same stage is something I always dreamt but never thought it would come true in reality and even if it is turned to reality I never thought that I would see that event live and up close but as many great people says “Dreams will come true if we truly believe deep down in our heart that someday it will come true” and I used to day dream about it always and one day to my astonishment everything fall into a place and to my utter disbelief that the dream came true in form of a event which took place during the opening of a mall recently. I am just casually walking along with my friends and chatting about our future plans and there we saw that there are many people gathered for some event which will be started shortly.

     I have seen few big banners of Allu Arjun coming for opening that mall, but I did not observe closely about the other celebrities details who are coming to the same event and as per what I have heard from the people who gathered there is that celebrity which they first invited is unable to attend due to some other important work, so in place of that celebrity they invited Anushka Manchanda who actually came there for her recording of new album and she has graciously accepted their invitation and as soon as I heard her name I was in cloud nine and thought I should make most out of this dream come true event.So,even people are scolding me  I managed to move to the first row in people and with in few minutes my eyes went wide as my dream is unfolding in front of my eyes seeing Allu Arjun getting off from the car and within few minutes Anushka Manchandana also came and both of them waved their hands to their fans and people started whistling and shouting their names and some section of fans asking Allu Arjun to dance and other section want Anushka to sing and seeing fans go crazy and they both felt that they should not disappoint them. 

    So,Allu Arjun and Anushka  both discussed for few minutes and Allu Arjun came forward and told the fans that they will both perform and they want fans to be part of it and Anushka was given microphone by the mall authorities which was arranged only for speech from both of them.As there is no music, so she told audience to clap in rhythmic way and she will sing along with that rhythm and her singing is accompanied by Allu arjuns dance moves. She told that she will sing a little portion and audience should not disturb in the middle and she started singing and audience were clapping and Allu Arjun doing some terrific dance moves and in midst of all I don’t believe what I’m seeing in front of my eyes as I went into different world altogether seeing both of them performing and we all are giving our best to make our claps in rhythmic way .She sang for few minutes and we are all privileged to be a part of that great event which happened suddenly and for me personally I still can’t believe how my dream turned to reality .I enjoyed to the core and words cannot describe my happiness and joy on that day .

Unexpected #MaxFreshMove!!!

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