Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Become a Smarter Home Maker!!!

I love to keep my house clean and tidy all the time. I spend most of the time in cleaning the house especially the Kitchen and make sure that it is free from bacteria and other microorganisms. I do not want to take a chance of my family member's health. I always search for simple and effective methods that help in cleaning the house easily without much burden. In the process searching for some cleaning tips, I found a wonderful site called , which is has become my all-time favorite site for various home tips and tricks. I regularly check out the Home Decor section of this site to know about new tips.

One of my favorite articles from the Home Decor section is the 'Low Cost Ways ToImprove Your Home’, which explains about the budget friendly ways, which can help in giving your house a Making Over!!! I liked this article very much as I personally love to improvise my home every now and then without spending much for it! I am mentioned few ideas from this article, which I tried for my home.
Become a Smarter Home Maker!!!
1)Keeping it Clean and Tidy: As the quote says ''Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ ‘A clean and tidy house is always a better place to live and gives us a peaceful atmosphere that calms our body and soul. In this site, we can find a lot of storage and space saving ideas that helps in keeping our shelfs, cup boards and other areas clean and neat. I always make sure that every room is clean.

2)Create Fine Aromas : Our house smell bad due to different smells like choking, tempering, wet clothes, medicines, cigars etc., Lighting up perfumed candles, incense sticks or using room fresheners, placing fresh flowers in the living area helps in removing the foul smell and gives a fresh refreshing fragrance which instantly brightens up dull lazy days.

3)Use Natural lights: This is one of the best tips that worked very well. Placing the mirrors on the walls in a position, that they can reflect light into the dark areas of a room or bring sun inside. We live in an Apartment, in which only half of the house gets sunlight and the other half remains dark. I have used this technique and placed the mirrors and now every part of my home gets sunlight.

There are many other useful articles on tips and tricks on this site that help us in making our home a much better place. Follow these tips and ideas and become a Smarter Home Maker!!!
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